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Technical Specifications

Analysis Methods

  • Bishop Simplified
  • Corps of Engineers #1
  • Corps of Engineers #2
  • GLE/Morgenstern-Price
  • Janbu Corrected
  • Janbu Simplified
  • Lowe-Karafiath
  • Ordinary/Fellenius
  • Sarma Vertical & Non-vertical Slice
  • Spencer

Data Interpretation

  • Annotation and dimensioning tool kit
  • Contour groundwater results—total head, pore pressure, velocity, gradient
  • Export image files
  • Export to Excel
  • Filter slip surfaces
  • Interactive data tips
  • Plot factor of safety along slope
  • Plot results directly on slip surface
  • Plot safety factor vs. time for transient analysis
  • Plot slice data
  • Plot slip surface data
  • Print models at scale
  • Support force diagrams
  • Property viewer—contour material properties

Finite Element Groundwater Seepage Analysis

  • Constant or time-dependent boundary conditions
  • Discharge sections
  • Mapped meshing
  • Multi-stage transient groundwater seepage
  • One-click automatic meshing
  • Saturated/unsaturated
  • Show mesh quality
  • Steady state seepage
  • View groundwater and slope stability results simultaneously


  • Distributed loads
  • Line loads
  • Seismic loads


  • Borehole entry
  • CAD drawing tools
  • .dxf import/export
  • Geometry from soil profile
  • Multi-scenario modeling
  • One-click material assignment
  • Weak layer boundary

Pore Pressure Definition

  • Calculate excess pore pressure using B-bar method
  • Choose grid interpolation method
  • Finite element groundwater seepage analysis
  • Phreatic surfaces
  • Piezometric lines
  • Pore pressure grids—total head, pressure head, pore pressure
  • Rapid drawdown analysis
  • Ru coefficients

Probabilistic Analysis

  • Advanced correlation between input parameters
  • Critical probabilistic surface
  • Spatial variability analysis
  • Distributions—Normal, Uniform, Triangular, Beta, Exponential, Lognormal, Gamma
  • Equate material properties
  • Histogram, cumulative, and scatter plots
  • Monte Carlo, Latin Hypercube, or Response Surface simulation
  • Probability of failure/Reliability index
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Use any input parameters as random variables

Rapid Drawdown Methods

  • Army Corps Engineering 2-stage
  • Duncan, Wright, Wong 3-stage
  • Effective stress using B-bar
  • Lowe and Karafiath

Search Methods

  • Auto-refine search
  • Block search
  • Cuckoo search
  • Grid search
  • Non-circular surface optimization
  • Particle swarm
  • Path search
  • Simulated annealing
  • Slope search

Seismic Options

  • Compute Kc critical acceleration
  • Newmark displacement (rigid, coupled, de-coupled)
  • Pseudo-static analysis
  • Staged pseudo-static analysis Slip Surface Options
  • Circular surfaces
  • Composite surfaces
  • Non-circular/Planar surfaces
  • Tension cracks


  • Active vs. passive anchors
  • Back analysis (compute required support force for safety factor)
  • Easily define/edit patterns
  • End-anchored bolts
  • Geotextiles
  • Grouted tiebacks
  • Piles and micropiles
  • RSPile integration
  • Soil nails
  • User-defined support model
  • Retaining Wall (EFP)
  • Helical Anchor

Strength Models

  • Anisotropic function
  • Anisotropic linear
  • Anisotropic strength
  • Barton-Bandis
  • Discrete function
  • Drained-Undrained
  • Generalized anisotropic
  • Generalized Hoek-Brown
  • Hoek-Brown
  • Hyperbolic
  • Infinite strength
  • Mohr-Coulomb
  • No strength (i.e., water)
  • Power curve
  • Shear/normal function
  • Snowden modified anisotropic linear
  • Tension cutoff
  • Undrained (Phi = 0)
  • Unsaturated shear strength
  • Vertical stress ratio
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