Stress Block & Seismic

The Stress Block & Seismic option in the View menu toggles the display of the "stress block" and the "seismic icon" in the upper right corner of the view.

Stress Block

The Stress Block indicates the relative magnitude and direction of the IN-PLANE principal field stresses.

Stress Block (Sigma1 = 1.5*Sigma3, Sigma1 angle = 30 degrees from horizontal)

Seismic Icon

When (non-zero) seismic coefficients are entered in the Seismic Loading dialog, a Seismic Load icon will be displayed in the upper right corner of the view (below the Stress Block). The icon indicates that seismic load has been applied to the model, and the magnitude and direction of the seismic coefficient(s).


Seismic load icon (horizontal coefficient = 0.2, vertical coefficient = -0.1)

NOTE: if you have used the Applied in Stage option to define the stage at which the seismic load is applied, then the seismic icon will only appear at the specified stage (and all subsequent stages). It will not be displayed for stages prior to the stage of application.

Right Click Shortcuts

If you right-click the mouse on the Stress Block / Seismic Load icon, a popup menu will appear with shortcuts to the Seismic Loading, Field Stress and Load Split options.