Tunnel Designer Transcript

The screen fades in to show two engineers in orange vests walking into a tunnel construction project.

Narrator: Tunnel geometry needs to be divided into multiple sections for sequencing

This cuts to show engineers working in an underground tunnel.

Narrator: followed by repeated interactions to stage each component of the model.

A RS3 model is shown on screen with a timelapse of additional components being added onto the sides of the main cavern.

Narrator: This process of manually creating sequential sections within a tunnel can be a tedious task.

A 3D animation is shown with a skyline in the background with a bridge on the left and buildings on the right. It pulls back through a tunnel. Text on the screen reads RS3 Tunnel Designer. Eventually the screen reveals the other end of the tunnel.

Narrator: To make tunnel design faster and more efficient an advanced 3d tunnel designer has been added to our 3D finite element program RS3.

RS3’s UI is shown with a dialog box titled Tunnel Designer where the user is inputting data into the fields. The user then clicks on specific points on the model of the tunnel on the right-hand side of the screen.

Narrator: The 3D tunnel designer is a geometry and sequencing tool built to speed up and automate the model creation process.

Another model is now shown on screen, showing a sped-up timelapse of tunnel sections being added to the main model.

Narrator: This powerful feature helps you streamline your models with a simple workflow where tunnels are added edited and removed as single units in your 3d finite element model

A circular tunnel is now shown with light purple contour and blue lines representing supports. Additional segments of the tunnel with blue supports are added incrementally.

Narrator: By altering individual components of the tunnel the rest of the passage is automatically updated to reflect the change.

The same circular tunnel model is now shown with multi-coloured colours with the blue supports and is rotated across the screen.

Narrator: Streamline tunnel design just a few clicks away with RS3.

End Card is shown with the Rocscience Logo. Text reads “Start your free trial today www.rocscience.com” Rocscience Social Icons are shown as well as the social media handle @rocscience

Narrator: Click the link in the description below to start your free trial today.

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