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SWedge Maintenance+ Update History

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Version 7.021 - September 12 2023 [Download]

  1. CHANGED Improved message for Maintenance+ subscription.

Version 7.020 - June 19 2023 [Download]

  1. NEW Export slope geometry, joints, and joint properties to RocSlope3 to create an equivalent SWedge model.
  2. FIXED Stereonet View is not updating when no valid wedges are formed using any joint combination in Combinations Analysis.
  3. FIXED Bolt was providing capacity even when not intersecting past joint plane of wedge. Bolts should not provide capacity or affect the factor of safety if it does not intersect and extend past the wedge into the rock mass.

Version 7.019 - January 16 2023 [Download]

  1. FIXED Custom titleblocks are not loaded/saved properly after editing in the Edit Footer Block or Edit Header Block dialogs.
  2. FIXED Fixed mean input values not being properly set in the Bolt Properties dialog in a Probabilistic Analysis when Persistence Analysis is used.
  3. FIXED Spot Bolt intersection not detected on the Tension Crack plane.

Version 7.018 - July 20 2022 [Download]

  1. FIXED Import From Dips set incorrect dip direction for Joint 1 in Deterministic Input Data dialog.
  2. CHANGED Remove binary results file.
  3. CHANGED Added Wedge Volume to list of output data in Export Datasets.

Version 7.017 - April 1 2022 [Download]

  1. FIXED Input validation issue in Seismic tab of Probabilistic Input Data dialog.
  2. FIXED Tension Crack, Seismic and Ponded Water inputs from Input Data dialog not saved.

Version 7.016 - March 23 2022 [Download]

  1. NEW Add option to Ignore Tension Crack if the specified or iterated location results in a Tension Crack with area smaller than the specified threshold.
  2. NEW Added Delete All Bolts option to Support menu.
  3. FIXED Incorrectly populated Joint Planes in Input Data dialog when switching between Joint Sets (i.e., Use Joint Sets) with different number of Joint Planes, for a Combinations Analysis.
  4. FIXED Water pressure input for Percent Filled using Custom Pressure distribution was relative to Tension Crack height, instead of wedge Slope face height.
  5. FIXED Crash when Custom Pressure water depth is below the Tension Crack.
  6. CHANGED Updated layout of Input Data dialogs for Deterministic, Probabilistic, and Combinations analyses.

Version 7.015 – December 6 2021 [Download]

  1. NEW Populate Excel Template entries from existing model parameters in Automate from Excel.
  2. NEW Option to display Probability of Failure as either a fraction or percent.
  3. NEW Added option to create SWedge model files from automated inputs from Automate From Excel.
  4. CHANGED Remove local offline help. Help topics are redirected to
  5. CHANGED Improved Error Log cell notation in Automate From Excel
  6. CHANGED Allow definition of different joint properties for Joint Sets in Combinations Analysis when using Automate from Excel.
  7. CHANGED All files created from Automate from Excel or Batch Compute will be placed inside a folder titled the same as the input file, in the same directory as the input file.
  8. FIXED Strength parameters set incorrectly when using Automate From Excel for Probabilistic Analysis. This only applies to strength types not set to Mohr-Coulomb.
  9. FIXED Percent Slope Height edit control value not properly updated when opening the Combinations Input Data dialog.
  10. FIXED Mouse cursor point to wedge Slope Face and Upper Slope Face intersection detection was not properly detecting wedge for 4-vertex planes.
  11. FIXED Import From Dips using Combinations Analysis now reads either "Quantity" or "Quantity*W" column for importing Individual Planes with Add Duplicate Planes option checked.
  12. FIXED Automate from Excel reading in wrong number of entries from Excel file. Last formatted Excel row was read in instead of last filled row, resulting in "missing or invalid input(s)" warning message.

Version 7.014 – June 7 2021 [Download]

  1. NEW Added option for specifying %Filled or %Slope Height for Custom Water Pressure Distribution. This allows users to specify a uniform custom pressure magnitude over a partial area of the plane.
  2. NEW Added Advanced Joint Application option to specify the joint planes on which the selected Joint Water Pressure is applied.
  3. NEW Added additional water pressure information in Infoviewer.
  4. CHANGED Water Force Arrows are now drawn to go through the true line of thrust.
  5. CHANGED Various UI changes to File menu options.
  6. FIXED Fixed slow compute for Probabilistic Analysis.
  7. FIXED Fix to truncated normal distribution in case of very large relative min or max for a probabilistic analysis.

Version 7.013 – April 23 2021 [Download]

  1. FIXED Fixed "No Wedge Formed" message when Tension Crack is checked and set to Minimum FS Location. This error occurs for cases where the minimum Factor of Safety = 0.
  2. FIXED Probabilistic Input Data dialog incorrectly corrects Relative Minimum for Dip Direction random variables if Relative Minimum > Relative Maximum.
  3. FIXED Bad Input Data dialog values being populated after No Valid Wedge formed.
  4. FIXED Ponded Water with Pervious Slope Face Type in conjunction with Joint Water and Tension Crack applied causes program to freeze.

Version 7.012 – March 23 2021 [Download]

  1. FIXED Fixed Percent Slope Height Spin Control in Deterministic Input Data dialog.
  2. FIXED Fixed missing User Plane Label in Import From Dips Feature.
  3. FIXED Fixed Incorrect Display of 0 Number of Valid Wedges on the Sidebar for Combinations and Probabilistic Analysis.
  4. CHANGED Added Combinations Analysis Joint 1 and Joint 2 Dip and Dip Direction to Export Dataset from Combinations Analysis.
  5. FIXED Fixed Decimal Places tab in Display Options dialog having no affect on the decimals shown. Fixed Reset Defaults button for resetting decimals to program defaults.

Version 7.011 – February 3 2021 [Download]

  1. CHANGED Updated Technical Support dialog to replace email link with link to support form. Added System Information for Display resolution and scaling.
  2. CHANGED Updated splash screen.
  3. FIXED Bugfix for Joint Water Pressure not computed correctly for % Filled TC when Tension Crack exists. This applies to the special case when the minimum z vertex on the Tension Crack plane coincides with the Upper Slope plane.
  4. FIXED Bugfix for Joint Water Pressure not computed correctly for % Slope Height when Tension Crack exists. This applies to the special case when the wedge height is less than the slope height (i.e., scaled).
  5. FIXED Fixed wrong units in Bolt Properties dialog for Tensile/Plate/Anchor Capacity, Force, Bond Strength, and Shear Strength.
  6. FIXED Fixed wrong Bolt variable units in Histogram, Cumulative, and Scatter Plots.

Version 7.010 – December 17 2020 [Download]

  1. NEW Added active and passive bolt forces to sensitivity analysis options
  2. NEW Added bolt property parameters to probabilistic analysis (sim. to UnWedge)
  3. NEW Added user defined bolt type to bolt properties
  4. CHANGED Updated Export Datasets and Input Data dialogs
  5. CHANGED Updated icons to the latest
  6. CHANGED Added dynamic filter icon to filter button in side pane
  7. CHANGED Updated Batch Compute and Automated Compute dialog layout and buttons.
  8. FIXED Fixed bug of Water Unit Weight not disabled/hidden properly when Custom Water Pressure is selected in the Deterministic Input Data Dlg
  9. FIXED Fixed bug of wedge info textbox in side pane not displaying correctly when in remote desktop environment with dual monitors
  10. FIXED Fixed bug of bolts not being copied correctly when saving backup copies. Affects Factor of Safety computed in Probabilistic Analysis where effects of bolts are not taken into account.
  11. FIXED Fixed bug of program freeze when trying to open up stereonet view when no valid wedges are formed/present.

Version 7.009 – November 9 2020 [Download]

  1. FIXED Bugfix for Bolt Properties not updating properly when changed in Edit Bolt dialog.
  2. FIXED Bugfix for bolts not being applied correctly in Probabilistic Analysis and Combinations Analysis wedge computations.
  3. FIXED Bugfix for the Ponded Water Depth text not showing in Input Data dialog in Combinations mode.
  4. CHANGED Update online and offline help links.

Version 7.008 – April 30 2020 [Download]

  1. NEW Added the Batch Compute feature. This feature allows users to compute and generate results for several SWedge model files.
  2. NEW Added the Automate from Excel feature. This feature allows users to automate SWedge model inputs, compute and generate results.
  3. NEW Added Deterministic, Probabilistic, and Combinations Excel Templates for use with Automate from Excel feature.
  4. NEW Added a warning message when opening a file version newer than the program version. The user has the option to proceed or abort loading the file. No results from newer file versions are read.
  5. CHANGED Modified Update Available dialog to include Maintenance+ information.

Version 7.007 – March 12 2020 [Download]

  1. NEW Support for Dips version 8 files (.dips8) with Import From Dips option.
  2. CHANGED Updated Dips tutorial file to Dips version 8 (Tutorial 03 Combinations.dips8).

Version 7.006 – February 24 2020 [Download]

  1. FIXED Effective Normal and Strength Properties section not displaying in Info Viewer when failure mode is “Sliding on Joints 1&2.”

Version 7.005 - January 30 2020 [Download]

  1. FIXED Saving and reading probabilistic ponded water input parameters.

Version 7.004 - January 24 2020 [Download]

  1. FIXED Slope Length checkbox in the Combinations Input Data and Probabilistic Input Data dialogs when Basal Joint Block Shape is selected. In the case where Basal Joint is applied, the Slope Length checkbox cannot be unchecked.

Version 7.003 - January 11 2020 [Download]

  1. FIXED uninitialized Basal Strength parameters in Probabilistic Input Data dialog.
  2. CHANGED Minor formatting of edit control text justification in Input Data dialog.
  3. CHANGED Updated Combinations Joint Planes grid icons.
  4. FIXED closing Import from Dips dialog.
  5. FIXED Ensure saving to current SWedge file extension when opening and saving an old SWedge file.
  6. FIXED incorrect Externally Applied Force flag in Info Viewer.
  7. CHANGED Updated splash screen.

Version 7.002 - November 26 2019 [Download]

  1. FIXED “No Failure Plane Pressure” checkbox in the Water Tab of the Deterministic Input Data dialog where checked state was not being saved upon closing dialog.
  2. FIXED Opening File menu

Version 7.001 - October 2 2019 [Download]

  1. NEW Maintenance+ version released.

Version 6.022 – February 24 2020 [Download]

  1. Bug fix for Effective Normal and Strength Properties section not displaying in Info Viewer when failure mode is “Sliding on Joints 1&2.”

Version 6.021 - January 11 2020

  1. Bug fix for uninitialized Basal Strength parameters in Probabilistic Input Data dialog.
  2. Minor formatting of edit control text justification in Input Data dialog.

Version 6.020 - May 9 2019

  1. Added Total Probability of Sliding plotting feature to Bench Analyses.
  2. Fixed a FS legend display bug for scatter plot.

Version 6.019 - April 22 2019

  1. In some cases, adding a bolt would incorrectly place it far away from the slope. This was a visual issue only, the bolt was correctly applied for factor of safety computation.

Version 6.018 - October 15 2018

  1. Fixed an issue with resizing of the sidebar on large monitors or when enlarging the sidebar.

Version 6.017 - July 17 2018

  1. Stereonet would plot a basal failure pole when not in Basal mode.
  2. In the stereonet, intersections are now plotted as circles to distinguish them from joint poles.

Version 6.016 - August 24 2017

  1. Improved the computation of FS for slumping basal wedges.
  2. Can now turn off high dpi setting in the technical support dialog accessed through the Help menu.

Version 6.015 - July 11 2017

  1. Now supports high dpi graphics cards.
  2. Fix crash when mouse is over Recent File menu item and recent documents history is disabled with group policy.
  3. Added Windows 10 detection to tech support dialog.

Version 6.014 - May 16 2017

  1. Fix for issue with stable wedges and basal planes and slumping mode.
  2. Fixed text typo, Remaining Wedge Width to Remaining Bench Width for excel export.

Version 6.013 - August 17 2016

  1. Fixed bug with Info Viewer crashing for certain (probabilistic) models.
  2. The system default browser now opens the Help.

Version 6.012 - April 1 2016

  1. Now supports import of data from Dips 7 files.

Version 6.011 - February 3 2016

  1. Eurocode partial factor for friction now applies to waviness as well.
  2. Can now define waviness in combination mode.

Version 6.010 - January 21 2016

  1. Export statistical data now includes sliding direction.
  2. In rare cases, basal socket wedges would create invalid geometry.
  3. For basal wedges, slumping can now only happen if failure is along basal plane, not the line of intersection.
  4. Fixed InfoViewer "Copy to Clipboard"
  5. Fixed a drawing issue with shotcrete and some types of basal wedges.

Version 6.009 - July 31 2015

  1. Copy to clipboard from the InfoViewer now preserves formatting.
  2. A fix for extremely small slope heights (<1m).

Version 6.008 - March 10 2015

  1. Basal planes are now shown on the stereonet for probabilistic mode.
  2. Histogram edge condition fix.
  3. Incorrect "best fit" texdt for copy data / export to excel. Fixed.
  4. Added escape key for sampelr in data plots.
  5. Fix for Fisher K max/min input bug.
  6. Reset sampler when rebuilding chart.

Version 6.007 - November 7 2014

  1. A bug with saving and reading probabilistic files with a basal failure plane with a fisher distribution is fixed. The data for the distribution was not being saved correctly.
  2. A drawing bug for the slope int eh side view with a basal failure plane is fixe.

Version 6.006 - October 3 2014

  1. Added parallel processing for 32bit version.

Version 6.005 - August 12 2014

  1. Design Standards are now applied to slope and upper slope pressure loads.

Version 6.004 - July 24 2014

  1. Improved method of detecting the rotational slumping mode for wedges with a basal failure plane.
  2. Probabilistic mode and distributions of joint dip whose absolute maximum exceeded 90 degrees could not be properly queried. Fixed.

Version 6.003 - April 16 2014

  1. New help system.
  2. Improved bench and persistence analysis. Now can account for ubiquitous joints.
  3. Added correlation of beta and triangular variables for probabilistic analyses.

Version 6.002 - March 25 2014

  1. First Commercial Release.

Version 6.001 - January 14 2014

  1. Beta release.

Version 5.016 - September 20 2013

  1. Updated Help system to support Google Chrome and IE10.
  2. Units in the Persistence analysis dialog were wrong for imperial units. They said meters, should be feet.

Version 5.015 - June 20 2012

  1. Online Help would now launch in Internet Explorer if Google Chrome is the default browser. The online help does not properly work in Google Chrome.

Version 5.014 - July 18 2011

  1. During a combination analysis if no wedges are formed, a factor of safety would sometimes be shown in the toolbar even though no wedge exists. Fixed.
  2. The bolt orientation dialog would sometimes give an error and an orientation would be listed as -0.
  3. The conversion between metric tonnes and Kilonewtons (KN) is now given in the Project Settings dialog.

Version 5.013 - November 11 2010

  1. In the stereonet view, intersections would sometimes plot outside the stereonet. Fixed.
  2. Huge combination or probability models exceeding the memory capabilities of the computer would crash Swedge. The program now complains nicely and does not crash.
  3. You can now abort probability and combination analyses by pressing Escape.

Version 5.012 - October 13 2010

  • If a line of intersection of the wedge was horizontal, the program would sometimes incorrectly give a FS=0.

Version 5.011 - May 06 2010

  1. A file reading problem on Windows 7 was fixed.

Version 5.010 - November 30 2009

  1. On Vista, when editing seismic coefficients after an initial calculation, the program would give an error dialog for no apparent reason. Fixed.

Version 5.009 - September 29 2009

  1. Added the ability to add grid lines to graphs.
  2. When switching between probabilistic and deterministic modes, if the mean wedge does not exist, the program would incorrectly set the joint orientations. This showed up when switching back to probabilistic mode, the program would give different answers.

Version 5.008 - July 7 2009

  1. Under rare circumstances the clipboard would be corrupted. Fixed.
  2. Excel charting of multiple datasets would sometimes not work with Excel 2007.
  3. A combination of a bench width, a slope length, and maximize tension crack distance could result in a bad wedge.
  4. Security system update to allow for educational updates and improve commercial network version.

Version 5.007 - June 4 2009

  1. A combination of a bench width, a slope length, and maximize tension crack distance could result in a bad wedge.
  2. A combination of a probabilistic analysis and the entry of external forces would result in the external force not existing.
  3. Update for the security library.

Version 5.006

  1. Improved the computation of scaled wedges when used with tension cracks, bench widths and slope lengths.

Version 5.005

  1. The infoviewer mislabeled slope pressures that were active as being passive. This is simply a typo. Fixed.

Version 5.004

  1. Export image now works on Vista.

Version 5.003

  1. Under certain situations with steeply dipping upper faces and wedges that require the tension crack to actually form, the program may not properly calculate the maximum size wedge with the "Use bench width to maximize" tension crack option.
  2. Improved the algorithm for computing the minimum FS tension crack position.
  3. Fixed a bug with the default chart colors.
  4. Improved printing.

Version 5.002

  1. The automatic update feature did not work. Fixed.
  2. Improved documentation for shorcrete shear strength and failure modes.
  3. Lowered the default shotcrete shear strength to be more in line with Canadian codes for unreinforced concrete shear strength.

Version 4.080

  1. Now supports multiple HASPHL locks on the same USB hub.

Version 4.079

  1. New Hasp-HL hardlock support. Removed support for old beige hardlocks.

Version 4.078

  1. Support for new Educational system. Also update dll's to latest microsoft versions.

Version 4.077

  1. The correlation coefficient settings for probabilistic analyses were not being saved to the data file.
  2. Multiple serial number support.
  3. New Verification Manual.

Version 4.076

  1. Upper slope area was not being computed correctly in some cases. This might affect support pressure calculations and resulting safety factor results if support pressures were used on the upper slope.
  2. Hardlock and Nodelock software update.

Version 4.075

  1. In the case were one joint overhangs another, the application of water force on the overhanging joint could have been in the wrong direction. This is an error in the original Hoek and Bray equations.
  2. The drawing of geometries with overhanging slopes and joints has been improved.

Version 4.074

  1. Improved performance for beige hardlocks.
  2. Update to auto-update code and nodelock code.
  3. Bug fix for network version and path path dialog.

Version 4.073

  1. Program no longer requires administrator privileges to properly update itself through the web.
  2. Program no longer registers itself through the Windows Shell in such a way as to allow new files and printing through the windows context menus.
  3. A fix in the install and update fixes a problem with version 4.072 always asking to update itself over the web.

Version 4.072

  1. EMF/WMF image files now export correctly.
  2. Improved license management for network versions.
  3. Improved look under WinXP.

Version 4.071

  1. Better resource management on Win9x machines.

Version 4.07

  1. A bug with imperial units was fixed. If the model was set to imperial units with probabilistic data and you looked at the infoviewer, the unit system was corrupted.
  2. Old files sometimes had corrupted units due to an old bug. Swedge now recognizes this and asks for the unit system.
  3. A new preferences dialog has been added to the file menu. Using the preferences dialog you can choose the new XP menu style and tabbed views. Tabbed views allow you to quickly change the view through tabs at the bottom of the screen.

Version 4.06

  1. Addition of support pressures for the modeling of pattern bolting and external pressure loads. See the New Swedge Features page for more info.
  2. Context sensitive help buttons in every dialog.

Version 4.05

  1. A more robust brute-force algorithm for optimal bolt angle has been added. This replaces the old algorithm which didn't work very well for passive bolts.

Version 4.04

  1. A new verification manual has been added.
  2. Added driving and restraining forces to the infoviewer.
  3. Automatic update technology added. Customers with a web connection will automatically be notified and allowed to update when a new minor version is released.
  4. A new splash screen.
  5. Nodelocking now possible.

Version 4.03

  1. Under some circumstances, the printing of a stereonet view would crash the program. This is fixed.
  2. Resource modifications to improve overall stability.

Version 4.02

  1. Under some circumstances, the exponential distribution was not being calculated for a random variable. This occurred if the standard deviation of a previously defined distribution had been set to 0 (Even though the exponential distribution does not use standard deviation).
  2. Improvements to the correlation method for friction and cohesion were made resulting in better correlation.

Version 4.01

  1. The lognormal distribution was not being calculated correctly.
  2. Scaled wedges were not being saved to the data file. If you scaled a wedge, saved the file, read the file back in, you would get the maximum wedge.
  3. Bolts were not being read correctly from the input file. As a result the safety factor would not include the influence of the bolts.

Version 3.06

  1. Fixed a bug with the printing of a wedge view. Sometimes it didn't print.
  2. Added the ability to export image (JPEG,BMP) files. See the File->Export Image File option.
  3. Opengl support for win2000. Swedge now fully supports win2000.
  4. Tech Support Dialog for sending Rocscience system information when you have a problem. Just copy the info in the dialog and email it to us with your problem.

Version 3.05

  1. The Deterministic input dialog no longer resets the data for invalid wedges. This way you can easily play with the values. However, if you exit the dialog, the values will be reset to the last valid wedge you analyzed.
  2. A small left margin was placed in the infoviewer to improve readability.

Version 3.04

  1. Checks for valid statistical parameters for beta and triangular distributions have been added.
  2. In cases where invalid wedges are formed in a probabilistic analysis, the sampled distribution was not plotted correctly when added to the sampled distribution plots. This has been fixed.
  3. Right click in the chart view didn't work if the focus was on another view.
  4. Faster network lock performance.

Version 3.03

  1. Printing of the wedge view did not work (blank paper) for certain color settings, video cards, and printers.

Version 3.021

  1. Wedge area for both the slope and upper slope are now reported in the Infoviewer.

Version 3.02

  1. Fixed a bug with the drawing of the sampled distribution when truncation values were close to the standard deviation.
  2. Added exponential distribution for all random variables.
  3. A few cosmetic changes.

Version 3.01

  1. Beta distribution had trouble with Latin Hypercube sampling when alpha1<1 and alpha2>1.
  2. Triangular distributions hung the program if the relative min and max were 0.
  3. 2D histograms are now the default.
  4. Toolbars and the statusbar can now be toggled on/off.
  5. The toolbar font size has been increased making it easier to read.
  6. A display bug that caused improper visualization of the wedge geometry was fixed.
  7. Much improved error messages for improper wedge and tension crack geometry was added.
  8. One of the checks used to determine a valid wedge with a tension crack was removed since it missed some rather important valid cases.
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