RSPile Maintenance+ Update History

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Version 3.007 - August 13 2021 [Download]

  1. CHANGED Removed 'Query' data tips option from view menu because it does nothing in RSPile
  2. CHANGED Renamed 'None' data tips to 'Off' in the view menu to be consistent with the status bar
  3. FIXED Bug with the results of grouped pile analysis when the cap is not centered at (0, 0)
  4. FIXED Crash when trying to add a new pile in an old file that contained no piles
  5. FIXED Bug where custom rebar size would not be saved after defining it
  6. FIXED Bug where pile type image was appearing in min data tip mode
  7. FIXED Bug where changing data tip type from the view menu wouldn't update the status bar
  8. FIXED Bug where changing data tip type from the view menu wouldn't save selection to the registry

Version 3.006 - June 30 2021 [Download]

  1. NEW Option to toggle whether Method of Georgiadis is applied
  2. NEW Skin Friction Unit Resistance and End Bearing Unit Resistance graphs for Bored analysis
  3. NEW Display option to view reinforced and pre-stressed concrete cross sections in the plan view
  4. NEW Local axis labels in the concrete designer preview
  5. NEW Unit labels to pile traction column headers
  6. NEW Pile Type workflow for defining piles
  7. NEW Belled piles in Bored and Axial/Lateral analysis
  8. NEW RSPile will now launch the What's New page for the program whenever a new version is installed
  9. CHANGED Moved vertical axis controls from the menu and display options to the graph view sidebar
  10. CHANGED Local axes to be aligned correctly with the global axes by default
  11. CHANGED Many Driven pile section fields to be input in meters instead of millimeters
  12. CHANGED Many program default values to be more reasonable
  13. FIXED Bug in the output moment curvature curve with asymmetric sections
  14. FIXED Bug in stiffness calculation with Lateral Soft Clay Soil
  15. FIXED Bug where an error code would not be shown when the engine reached max iterations
  16. FIXED Bug with Top Deflection X/Y results in pushover analysis in some cases
  17. FIXED Bug which could cause Z stiffness to be negative for Weak Rock
  18. FIXED Bug where Y and Z stiffness values would be incorrect for low displacement values for Submerged Stiff Clay
  19. FIXED Bug which was causing an incorrect P-Y curve for Sand model by Reese
  20. FIXED Bug that could cause the program to hang with some reinforced concrete models
  21. FIXED Bug allowing multipliers less than 1 which would cause the engine to hang or fail to converge
  22. FIXED Bug where graph view chart columns would sometimes shrink
  23. FIXED Bug causing saturated unit weight check to be reset whenever a user would change soil types
  24. FIXED Bug allowing users to enter ground slope angle in Driven/Bored analysis even though it wouldn't be used
  25. FIXED Bug allowing users to perform pile length analysis on non-uniform piles
  26. FIXED Bug causing incorrect memory values to appear in the tech support information
  27. FIXED Crash when trying to add pile interface curve graph view to a report
  28. FIXED Bug causing negative depth values to appear in the soil layer section of the report
  29. FIXED Bug causing the cross section combo to become hidden in some cases
  30. FIXED Bug preventing users from using their own custom reinforcement databases
  31. FIXED Bug causing incorrect discretization and compute failure in some rare cases
  32. FIXED Bug which would sometimes cause the wrong coordinates to be used when setting a pile or borehole as soil legend
  33. FIXED Bug where Q-Z curve was incorrectly labelled as Q-W curve
  34. FIXED Bug causing some icons to display incorrectly
  35. FIXED Bug causing incorrect values to be imported when importing loads for pile caps
  36. FIXED Bug where the incorrect tooltip was being shown for Mosher Sand User Defined Es field
  37. FIXED Bug which could cause data tips to flicker rapidly in some cases
  38. FIXED Bug which would cause names to display incorrectly if they contained the '&' character in many dialogs
  39. FIXED Bug where moment capacity values were not properly denoted as being in local coordinates
  40. FIXED Bug where viewing the graph of a pile with no loading would cause the program to freeze and eventually crash
  41. FIXED Bug where invalid symbols would be imported from certain file types when trying to import a pile pattern
  42. FIXED Bug allowing invalid pile number values when importing a pile pattern
  43. FIXED Some dialogs had invalid context help links
  44. DISCONTINUED Raymond Uniform Taper driven piles
  45. DISCONTINUED Monotube driven piles

Version 3.005 - November 25 2020 [Download]

  1. CHANGED Updated report generator cover page information (date created = the date the report is created)
  2. CHANGED Updated right click menu of Edit Pile and Edit Pile Pattern caption as well as icons
  3. CHANGED New analysis mode icons
  4. CHANGED New look for most icons
  5. FIXED Issue with edit charts which ensure options are enabled for all graph tabs
  6. FIXED Issue to ensure correct width and depth is used for typical sections
  7. FIXED Issue to correctly consider groundwater effect when saturated unit weight checkbox is turned off
  8. FIXED Minor issue with group effects when no shear load is present

Version 3.004 - October 31 2020 [Download]

  1. NEW Bored pile capacity analysis mode - new soil/rock and pile types
  2. NEW Saturated unit weight checkbox added to allow more control of used unit weight
  3. FIXED Issue with user defined pile section to use correct equivalent diameter in calculations
  4. FIXED Drawing issue to consider equivalent diameter in user defined pile sections
  5. FIXED Issue with stiff cohesive soil calculation in Driven pile capacity mode
  6. FIXED Area conversion for user defined sections Cross Section units feature
  7. FIXED Overburden pressure calculation for water table elevations below a number of soil/rock layers

Version 3.003 - July 15 2020 [Download]

  1. NEW Pile location can now be specified at time of entry rather than graphically only
  2. NEW All Piles now have an unique number that can be edited rather than always auto-assigned
  3. NEW Rectangular pattern can be converted to custom and edited (e.g. add/delete piles or change locations)
  4. NEW Report generator replaces Info Viewer to provide more flexibility
  5. CHANGED Updated visuals such as icons to streamline with other Rocscience products
  6. FIXED Issue in laterally loaded pile sand and silt models when effective slope angle is close to or greater than friction angle - warnings added.
  7. FIXED Issue in axially loaded API clay in max alpha parameter computed.
  8. FIXED Issue when using both group effect factors and p-y, t-z or Q-z multipliers.

Version 3.002 - April 3 2020 [Download]

  1. FIXED HTML export for multiple piles that would only output data for a random single pile
  2. FIXED HTML export where graph images would not always show
  3. NEW Added Peripheral Bars feature for rectangular pattern in concrete designer
  4. NEW Added Edit Coordinates feature for converting radial or rectangular pattern to custom in concrete designer

Version 3.001 - March 5 2020 [Download]

  1. NEW Maintenance+ version released.

Version 2018 2.020 - February 07 2020 [Download]

  1. Improve stability of parallel algorithm (error #215 from omp)

Version 2018 2.019 – October 29 2019

  1. Fix the bug with outputting t-z curve.
  2. Better algorithm to account for the ground slope.
  3. Fix in Info Viewer not outputting number of steps in pushover analysis.

Version 2018 2.018 – September 10 2019

  1. The local 0,0 coordinate is now displayed for polygonal cap designs.
  2. Fixed issue where printing of results would result in multiple blank pages due to long tables. Tables are now split.
  3. Infoviewer would display wrong pile length for edited piles in a cap.
  4. Improved integration with Slide2.
  5. Changes in Driven Design Considerations window didn’t immediately update results.
  6. Piles at high elevation would not display on 3D view.
  7. Soil column drawing in 3D view was not expanded to include piles with batter angle.
  8. Fixed bug with non-displacement open end pile to calculate the friction for plug-in section correctly in driven module.
  9. Fixed bug when a group effect were not applied correctly if the ground surface is not at 0.
  10. Fixed bug when a force was not applied at the center of a cap.
  11. Break the calculation of initial strain for concrete section when it can not find the balance state (concrete failed).
  12. Fixed bug in ground slope angle and batter pile angle.

Version 2018 2.017 – May 28 2019

  1. Fixed bug with only 1 pile in cap analysis.
  2. Fixed bug with slope angle for lateral sand soils.
  3. Pile head stiffness calculation did not take into account moment and/or rotation condition when only one direction is specified.
  4. Fixed units in K[x,x] pile head stiffness graphs.
  5. Added ground slope angle label in 3D view.
  6. Program now warns if possible non-convergence in results happens.
  7. Fixed orientation of certain plots in Excel.
  8. Data values are no longer truncated in user defined and typical section pile properties.
  9. For grouped analysis when a cap elevation was non zero, piles were computed at wrong elevation.
  10. Improved design validation for reinforced concrete piles.

Version 2018 2.016 – February 27 2019

  1. Engine wouldn’t compute file if water table coincides with pile’s embedded tip. Existing file with the problem needs to be re-saved.

Version 2018 2.015 – February 6 2019

  1. Fix for Nordlund calculation of capacity when there is a water table within the layer.
  2. Fix for Tomlinson ultimate capacity calculation when considering negative skin friction.
  3. Fix for Nordlund and Tomlinson plugging considerations for toe capacity.
  4. Added key calculation points to driven pile mesh to improve calculation of soft compressible soil and scour.
  5. Fix for running RSPile engine from Slide2.

Version 2018 2.014 – January 11 2019

  1. Fixed units for Soil Reaction and Soil Stiffness results to kN/m and lbs/ft.
  2. Labels for selecting moment of inertia axis for typical section is more clear now.
  3. Compute engine no longer crashes for files that have not been resaved when transferred without compute subfolder.

Version 2018 2.013 – December 5 2018

  1. Improved the stability when user-defined materials were used.
  2. Output the log file for pile in cap analysis.
  3. Fixed bugs related to reading v1 files: groundwater level, import of material properties after first for Axial analysis was broken in 2.008 update.

Version 2018 2.012 – November 20 2018

  1. For Slide 2018 integration, RSPile files using axial capacity was setting the capacity to zero for Slide. Now the proper axial capacity is being computed. This bug was introduced in 2.011.

Version 2018 2.011 – October 15 2018

  1. Minor fix for Slide integration and obtaining data at sliding depth.
  2. Fix for pile type dropdown not changing pile type.
  3. Fix for piles with top elevation above or below ground surface (in Driven mode).
  4. Updates to graph text and soil layer drawing.
  5. Updates to Save As HTML option.
  6. Fix for Depth of Top of Pile (Driven mode).

Version 2018 2.010 – September 27 2018

  1. Results section in Info Viewer was accidentally removed in one of previous updates. Fixed.
  2. Slide integration improvements and fixes.
  3. Terminology and conventions changes: Axial Force input variable is renamed to Force Z and is positive when in Z direction (up). Axial Displacement result variable is now Displacement Z (positive in Z direction).
  4. Fix for conversion issue in pile dialog Concrete Designer.
  5. Soil data updates to Infoviewer.

Version 2018 2.009 – July 17 2018

  1. Layers of zero thickness in soil profile could cause the engine to crash. Fixed.
  2. Slide integration improvements and fixes.
  3. Tooltip added for pile cap.
  4. Driven groundwater display updated.
  5. Graphical output improvements.
  6. Added ability to edit pile properties in Group mode.
  7. Interpolation of ground surface improved.
  8. Updates to Infoviewer display of soil data.
  9. Fix for SPT end bearing value bug in material properties dialog.
  10. Removed strain factor from silt material (lateral analysis). Wasn't being used.
  11. Update to Driven piles with pile top elevation below ground surface.

Version 2018 2.008 – June 5 2018

  1. Soil unit weight wasn't being brought in from v1 files. Fixed.
  2. Fixed importing of soils with the same name during v1 import.
  3. Bug fix for interpolation of soil material properties.
  4. Fix for Driven calculation depth output.
  5. Added missing column to displacement table in Info Viewer.
  6. Improved the speed, particularly with Slide integration.
  7. p-y curves now output correctly for all materials.
  8. Layers of zero thickness in soil profile could cause the engine to crash. Fixed.

Version 2018 2.007 – May 11 2018

  1. Improvements to Slide 2018 integration.

Version 2018 2.006 – May 8 2018

  1. Commercial release.

Version 2018 2.004, Beta 2 – April 17 2018

  1. Improvements and fixes to Group analysis including group effect coefficients, cap designer improvements.
  2. Slide2 2018 integration.
  3. Ultimate capacity calculation.
  4. Plotting p-y curves.
  5. Results are no longer reset when viewing/saving model or adding annotation tools.
  6. Many other improvements and fixes.

Version 2018 2.003 – March 29 2018

  1. Beta 1 release.

Version 1.007 – August 24 2017 [Download]

  1. Can now turn off high dpi setting in the technical support dialog accessed through the Help menu.

Version 1.006 – July 11 2017

  1. Now supports high dpi graphics cards.
  2. Fix crash when mouse is over Recent File menu item and recent documents history is disabled with group policy.
  3. Added Windows 10 detection to tech support dialog.

Version 1.005 – May 16 2017

  1. In Driven mode, improved computation engine to better handle complex soil stratigraphy with scour and soft compressible soil. Fixed handling of H-Pile calculations. Fixed soil layer numbering in InfoViewer.
  2. In Axial mode, changed end bearing values to be inputted in force per area units. Improved elastic soil model to handle plug conditions assuming infinite strength.
  3. In Lateral mode, minor bug fixes and improvements to computation engine.
  4. Fixed print output to generate correct number of pages.

Version 1.004 – August 17 2016

  1. The system default browser now opens the Help.
  2. Fixed plastic material pile issue.
  3. Fixed issue with tapered piles.
  4. Fixed file writing issues.
  5. Fixed some url issues in the Help menu.

Version 1.003 – January 21 2016

  1. The user can define a pile Length Above Ground. Thus, the Embedment Length has been changed to a total Pile Length.
  2. New User Defined Pile Section added to the pile dialog
  3. Standard AISC Sections updated with section depth, max moment of inertia and min moment of inertia
  4. For Standard AISC Sections, user can specify to use the strong or weak axis for laterally loaded piles analysis (Lateral Mode)
  5. For analyzing the axial capacity of driven piles (Driven Mode), the user can analyze tapered pile sections
  6. In Driven Mode, the pile segment discretization has been updated to evenly space calculation nodes based on the total number of pile segments specified
  7. Minor bug fixes and improvements

Version 1.002 – December 11 2015

  1. Commercial release.
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