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RocSlope3 Maintenance+ Update History

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Version 1.004 - April 23 2024 [Download]

  1. NEW Add Import Bolts from CSV File option for importing bolt geometries and bolt properties assignments from a comma delimited text file.
  2. NEW Add Trim Joints option to crop joints to selected external volume(s).
  3. FIXED Editing a Bolt Pattern results in adding a new Bolt Pattern node without removing the old Bolt Pattern node from the Visibility Tree.
  4. FIXED Properties pane control alignment issues.
  5. FIXED Block information table incorrectly displaying failure iteration
  6. FIXED Crash when changing Applied Property when Results node is present.
  7. FIXED Incorrect Traverse Polyline Coordinates reported for Synthetic Joint Sets in Report Generator in large coordinate models due to Global Offset.
  8. FIXED Incorrect Block Vertices coordinates reported in Detailed Block Information in large coordinate models due to Global Offset.
  9. FIXED Data validation not occurring on OK after the last populate column in Define Measured Joints dialog.
  10. FIXED Incorrect listing of problematic joints in Block Engine Error Log.
  11. FIXED Slow response when Import Dips in Define Measured Joints dialog.
  12. FIXED Crash on Import Geometry when importing DXF File.
  13. FIXED Unit Weight of material properties not properly set in Define Materials dialog from Import RS3 File.
  14. FIXED Compute Kinematics results in "Computed negative normal force on a joint".
  15. FIXED Import RS3 File issues when Joint Surface or DFN nodes are present.
  16. CHANGED Improved performance in Compute Blocks in cases where many blocks are formed by the division by joints.
  17. CHANGED Modify layout of Define Custom Interval dialog.
  18. CHANGED Handle unsupported RocSlope version 1.001 Kinematic Results reading.

Version 1.003 - December 13 2023 [Download]

  1. FIXED Crash on Edit Color Table for imported sensor data in Contour Options dialog.
  2. FIXED Compute Kinematics results in "Kinematics computations have resulted in an unknown error" error message if previously assigned Water Surfaces or Water Grids to material properties or joint properties is deleted.
  3. FIXED Compute Kinematics results in "Kinematics computations have resulted in an unknown error" error message if one or more blocks encounter an issue during compute and no kinematic results are produced.
  4. FIXED Global offset of Measured Joints not properly accounted for in Compute Blocks resulting in "No blocks formed" even when joints should intersect to form valid blocks.
  5. FIXED Crash on Report Generator after Compute Blocks without kinematic results computed.
  6. FIXED Compute Kinematics results in "Kinematics computations have resulted in an unknown error" error message when merging small blocks with Volume less than the Minimum Block Volume threshold.
  7. FIXED Incorrect material assignments from Borehole Manager after Divide All when water table is specified in the Borehole Manager dialog.
  8. FIXED Joint water pressure using custom Hu value has no affect on Factor of Safety.
    FIXED - Crash on opening viewport's Contour Options dialog after adding new Color Table.
  9. CHANGED Improved Compute Blocks error logging and reporting for "No Blocks Formed".

Version 1.002 - November 17 2023 [Download]

  1. NEW Add Selection tab in Visibility pane to create and manage entity selection groups.
  2. NEW Add Rectangle Region and Lasso Region selection region modes.
  3. NEW Add Maintenance+ subscription message bar for expiring or expired licenses.
  4. FIXED Measured Joints not properly accounting for global offset when model is in large coordinates.
  5. FIXED Decimal precision displayed for some result types do not correspond to Decimals settings in Display Options dialog.
  6. FIXED Filtered Results show incorrect slope sockets when Show User-Filtered Blocks is unselected in Display Options dialog.
  7. FIXED Synthetic Joint Set preview not updated when editing coordinates in Edit Synthetic Joint Set dialog.
  8. FIXED Block filter not applied when Edit Filter criteria yields no blocks.
  9. FIXED Exclude External volumes with "No Material" Applied Property assignment in Compute Blocks.
  10. FIXED Handle overlapping (coplanar) joint faces in Compute Blocks.
  11. FIXED Global offset not accounted for in Export Blocks option in models with large coordinates.
  12. FIXED Results Set selection syncing issue between Display Options dialog and Results node's Properties pane.
  13. FIXED Reset Translation syncing issue between the Interpret menu option and Results node's Properties pane.
  14. FIXED Small blocks below the Minimum Block Volume threshold causing adjacent blocks to fall into the slope in some cases.
  15. FIXED Partial joint face adjacency not properly accounted for in Successive Failure analysis.
  16. FIXED Export Blocks and Export Slope with Failed Blocks Removed exporting incorrect geometries for file formats other than .rsgeomobj.
  17. FIXED Deleting Measured Joint sub-entity graphically does not update grid in Define Measured Joints dialog.
  18. FIXED Differing kinematic results on Compute Kinematics for Successive Failure models with many blocks.
  19. FIXED Duplicate Joint Line of Intersections entries in Detailed Block Information dialog.
  20. FIXED Missing Master.csv file for manufacturer libraries in Define Bolt Properties dialog.
  21. FIXED Global offset issue in large coordinate models when copying X, Y, Z locations from Synthetic Joint Information dialog.
  22. FIXED Contour Blocks option auto range using minimum and maximum range values for "All Valid Blocks" Results Set even when filters are applied. Auto Range now automatically updates for the range of values in the current filtered set.
  23. FIXED Some non-daylighting blocks flagged as Removable.
  24. FIXED Export to CSV option in Block Information pane missing "Failure Mode" and "Failure Depth" column data.
  25. CHANGED Improve Compute Kinematics performance in Probabilistic Analysis models with as Ru random variable.
  26. CHANGED Update layout of Slope Wizard dialog.
  27. CHANGED Improve Block Information pane performance when toggling Results Set.
  28. CHANGED Improve Compute Blocks performance for computing models with joint surfaces and search limits.
  29. CHANGED Added options to export any single, all or a subset of valid blocks in Export Blocks option.
  30. CHANGED Update layout of Detailed Block Information dialog.
  31. CHANGED Populate unique Name in Add Load and Add Load to Selected dialogs.
  32. CHANGED Update layout of Define Synthetic Joint Set dialog.
  33. CHANGED Update layout of Block Information pane.
  34. CHANGED Remove Apply All button in Contour Options dialog.
  35. CHANGED Remove Excavation Role from geometry nodes.
  36. CHANGED Update layout of Shotcrete node's Properties pane.

Version 1.001 - June 27 2023 [Download]

  1. Commercial Release
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