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RocData v5.0 Update History

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Version 5.013 - October 31 2020 [Download]

  1. Updated the GSI charts to include the Basic Observational chart of Hoek and Marinos in 2000.

Version 5.012 - October 8 2020

  1. Fixed issue with RocProp not opening due to missing .dll. Added Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Packages to installation prerequisites.
  2. Added Gemalto Sentinel LDK Run-time Installer to installation prerequisites.

Version 5.011 - September 28 2020

  1. Bug fix for exporting -0 value in Slide Shear/Normal Function files.

Version 5.010 - July 6 2020

  1. Bug fix for sampler displaying incorrect shear stress values with the Equivalent MC envelopes for the Generalized Hoek-Brown and Barton-Bandis criteria.

Version 5.009 - August 24 2017

  1. Can now turn off high dpi setting in the technical support dialog accessed through the Help menu.

Version 5.008 - July 11 2017

  1. Now supports high dpi graphics cards.
  2. Fix crash when mouse is over Recent File menu item and recent documents history is disabled with group policy.
  3. Added Windows 10 detection to tech support dialog.

Version 5.007 - August 17 2016

  1. Shear-Normal functions written to a filename with a period in them would not save properly. Fixed.
  2. The system default browser now opens the Help.
  3. Added failure range for Mohr-Coulomb.
  4. Fix for shear-normal function output to work with Mohr-Coulomb.
  5. Improved default units when unit system is changed.
  6. Changed default number of shear-normal function points to 100.

Version 5.006 - November 25 2015

  1. Fixed a crash when fitting a Hoek-Brown envelope to lab data.
  2. Software now looks for all usable licenses on all usable license servers.

Version 5.005 - September 14 2015

  1. Update the tensile strength equation to use the latest by Hoek and Martin (UCS/sigt = 0.7mi + 8.6).

Version 5.004 - July 31 2015

  1. Fixed an issue with the plotting of the Barton-Bandis strength criterion in sigma1-sigma3 space.
  2. Fixed bug with Excel offset for multiple materials. Series titles are now always renamed as material names get renamed.
  3. Sync chart series names with material name changes in dockform.
  4. Change to smaller chart axis font defaults.

Version 5.003 - October 3 2014

  1. Now exports data to Phase2 via clipboard.

Version 5.002 - July 7 2014

  1. First Commercial Release.

Version 5.001 - June 2 2014

  1. Beta release.

Version 4.014 - September 20 2013

  1. Updated Help system to support Google Chrome and IE10.

Version 4.013 - July 5 2013

  1. Updated the mi table of typical values to be consistent with the latest version published in Practical Rock Engineering, Rock mass Properties chapter.

Version 4.012 - April 19 2012

  1. The disturbance factor dialogs were updated to include a warning not to apply the disturbance factor to an entire rock mass but only in close proximity to an excavation.

Version 4.011 - November 11 2011

  1. Online Help would now launch in Internet Explorer if Google Chrome is the default browser. The online help does not properly work in Google Chrome.
  2. Fixed a bug with the export of shear-normal Slide functions for Barton-Bandis strength function.

Version 4.010 - July 18 2011

  1. For certain combination of input data, the calculated values can be shown as “-0” instead of “0” (zero) in input boxes. This will result in constant error messages.

Version 4.009 - November 24 2010

  1. Units displayed in the sigci dialog were wrong when using psf. The values were correct. Fixed.

Version 4.008 - July 7 2009

  1. Under rare circumstances the clipboard would be corrupted. Fixed.
  2. Excel charting of multiple datasets would sometimes not work with Excel 2007.
  3. Security system update to allow for educational updates and improve commercial network version.

Version 4.007

  1. RocData: For Barton-Bandis, the program did not export the correct curve coordinates to Excel.
  2. RocData: The program mislabeled the phir parameter with MPa units. Fixed.

Version 4.006

  1. RocData: New interface improvements have been added to help the user estimate intact rock modulus for use in the Generalized Hoek-Diederichs rock mass modulus equation.
  2. RocData: Default modulus estimation method changed from Simplified Hoek-Diederichs to Generalized Hoek-Diederichs.
  3. RocData: Can now read RocLab data files through the File...Open command
  4. RocData: Can now save and restore the default state of the project settings using the Defaults button.
  5. RocData: Help and example files have been updated.

Version 4.005

  1. Major Update - Click here for more information

Version 4.004

  1. RocData: Generalized Hoek-Diederichs modulus estimation gave incorrect results for units other than MPa. Fixed.

Version 4.003

  1. RocData: The program was unable to set proper page orientation on network printers with restricted user access. Fixed.
  2. RocProp: Removed Google maps for determining longitude and latitude.

Version 4.002

  1. Rocprop would not accept a comma decimal separator. Numbers using a comma as a decimal separator would not be accepted when entering a new record through the user-defined database. The program now only supports a period as a decimal separator.
  2. RocData: The program would sometimes not ask for a save when the program is closed. This after a change to the data.
  3. RocData: When changing data in the project settings (other than the strength criterion) the lab data dialog would be incorrectly shown.
  4. RocData: A change in the document was not being shown by a * in the title bar.
  5. RocData: Minor changes in the wording of some prompts and text in dialogs.

Version 3.015

  1. Now supports multiple HASPHL locks on the same USB hub.

Version 3.014

  1. Added HASPHL hardlock support

Version 3.013

  1. For the Barton-Bandis criterion, changed from basic friction angle to residual friction angle.
  2. In the friction angle dialog for the Barton-Bandis criterion, changed the output of the dialog from phib to phir. Added menu items for calculating a residual friction angle based on phib, and wet and dry Schmidt hammer rebound values (according to the Barton & Choubey, 1976 paper). Users have the option to either use the calculator or enter their own reduced friction angles.
  3. Improved the Levenberg-Marquardt curve fitting technique for Barton-Bandis data so that it converges on a wide range of input data. Did this by first performing a Simplex fit, and then using its results as the seed value for the Levenberg-Marquardt routine.
  4. Improved the performance of the Levenberg-Marquardt and Simplex routines for fitting the Hoek-Brown criterion to lab data. First, a Mohr-Coulomb fit is done to obtain a good starting value of uniaxial compressive strength, which is then used to determine initial search values in the Levenberg-Marquardt and Simplex curve fitting routines.
  5. Fixed a bug in the program that lopped off the last data point whenever data was copied from one RocData input spreadsheet to another.
  6. Increased the display size of data points.
  7. For the analyses of Hoek-Brown lab data, Generalized Hoek-Brown field data, and both triaxial and direct shear data with the Power Curve, included inverted forms of the respective curves. This allows tensile data points, or any data to the left of the valid ranges for these curves to be properly considered in the curve fitting process. Prior to this feature, such points were simply ignored. Changed the calculation of residual values to include errors associated with these points.
    The changes were done for the Levenberg-Marquardt and Simplex curve fitting routines.
  8. Fixed two bugs in the Simplex routines. The first was caused by attempts to read beyond the allocated range of an array. The second bug slowed down convergence: the second best point, instead of the best, found in an iteration was used in the next step.
  9. Fixed a bug in the main view of RocData that displayed only a short segment of the instantaneous Mohr-Coulomb curve, whenever triaxial lab data was analyzed with the Power Curve strength model.
  10. Fixed a bug that caused the equivalent Mohr-Coulomb strength curve to be displayed with a dashed line instead of a solid line, whenever the display Mogi line option was turned on.

Version 3.012

  1. Improved the fitting logic for lab data with tensile test data.

Version 3.011

  1. Fixed bug in Power Curve lab data analysis dialog that caused program to crash when entering or modifying grid data.
  2. Checked the parameter limits for all strength models types and fixed a few that were wrong.
  3. Fixed a bug in the Amoeba algorithm for the Simplex method (for all the strength models). I changed the line “Swap(y[1], y[ilo])” to “Swap(y[0], y[ilo])”.
  4. Fixed a memory leak (with the aparam variable) in the CurveFit_xxx_Simplex functions for the different strength methods.
  5. Replaced the automatic differentiation approach in the tausignhb_F function with derivatives explicitly obtained using Mathematica.
  6. Modified the Levenberg-Marquardt method for lab data so that tensile strength values are included during the curve fitting process. Added code that allowed errors to be calculated for points to the left of a Hoek-Brown curve (i.e. sig3 that resulted in m*sig3/sigc + 1 < 0). (Modified the Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm in RocLab as well.)

Version 3.010

  1. Many improvements.
  2. More curve fitting techniques.
  3. More unit systems
  4. Can now use shear normal data with power curve method

Version 3.002

  1. Nodelocking did not work. Fixed

Version 3.001

  1. Release of Windows version of RocData.
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