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EX3 Maintenance+ Update History

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Version 1.015 - September 14 2023 [Download]

  1. CHANGED Improved message for Maintenance+ subscription.

Version 1.014 - April 29 2022 [Download]

  1. NEW Improved engine stability and performance to better handle multi stage, and complex geometry in models
  2. FIXED Improve performance when importing/reconstructing surfaces from point clouds
  3. FIXED Allow curves to be imported correctly
  4. FIXED Potential crash when viewing results with hardware acceleration on
  5. FIXED Better default colors for properties
  6. FIXED Better default naming of entities
  7. FIXED Display correct strength factor in multi material and multi staged models
  8. FIXED Potential to crash when repairing geometry
  9. CHANGED Default analysis method is now FMM

Version 1.013 – November 15 2021 [Download]

  1. NEW High performance FMM approximation
  2. NEW Using SQLite database to store and retrieve geometry in a fast and efficient way
  3. NEW Added tab and pipe delimiters when importing csv files
  4. NEW Embedded GSI calculation into Hoek-Brown grid
  5. NEW Users can now enter any units in edit controls and have them automatically converted to the expected unit
  6. NEW Now allowing the import of PLY geometry format
  7. NEW Now allowing the import of DUF geometry format
  8. NEW Options on how overlapping geometries are handled when adding geometries to material layering
  9. CHANGED Improved performance of any options that setup a node from a surface
  10. CHANGED Material property tables now behave more consistently with other programs
  11. CHANGED Removed the save compressed option
  12. CHANGED Previous RocData launching options now integrated with RSData
  13. CHANGED Field points can now be added in the results tab
  14. CHANGED The UI for update available dialog was improved
  15. CHANGED Improved the generation of icosahedron spheres
  16. CHANGED Empty material names are no longer allowed
  17. CHANGED Material and joint properties dialogs now have context sensitive help
  18. CHANGED Warning message when changing unit systems is now more clear about what it actually does
  19. FIXED Bug where the intact uniaxial compressive strength dialog was missing ok and cancel in GSI calculator
  20. FIXED Potential crash when reading a file after cleaning history
  21. FIXED Bug causing imperial, stress as psf units to not be available in the project settings
  22. FIXED Crash when adding a surface from points
  23. FIXED Bug limiting the number of rows that could be pasted when adding a surface from points
  24. FIXED A number of bugs when importing csv files
  25. FIXED Crash when trying to print in some rare cases
  26. FIXED Potential crash when creating a 2D section
  27. FIXED Potential crash when creating planes
  28. FIXED Bug with the default behaviour when importing sensor data
  29. FIXED Bug where derived material could show up in the material list in the report generator
  30. FIXED Bug with the advanced filter plot in the collapse small volume dialog
  31. FIXED Potential crash when copying geometry
  32. FIXED Performance issue with a number of geometry operations
  33. FIXED Some potential crashes when importing csv files with non-standard formats
  34. FIXED Potential bug which could cause a load to be applied inside a geometry
  35. FIXED Bug which could cause save as to not overwrite a previously existing file
  36. FIXED Bug which could cause polylines to not work correctly with large coordinates
  37. FIXED Bug which would cause strange zooming issues when drawing polylines
  38. FIXED A couple of UI issues with the orientation cube
  39. FIXED Bug which would cause invalid naming of nodes after they are added to the material layering
  40. FIXED Bug causing the splash screen to persist for longer than it should
  41. FIXED Bug where joint could have wrong material assignment after being created in some cases
  42. FIXED Bug which could cause valid custom contour ranges to be rejected by the program
  43. FIXED Bug where custom variables were not being allowed in the user data dialog
  44. FIXED Potential crash when importing Tre Altamira files that were not well formatted
  45. FIXED Bug where the incorrect windows version was being reported in the tech support dialog
  46. FIXED Crash when exporting large geometries to the DWG format
  47. FIXED Performance issues when importing large data sets into data grids in multiple cases
  48. FIXED Some sensor data imports were showing the wrong icons
  49. FIXED Performance issues when importing geometry
  50. FIXED Some bugs which could cause property tables to became desynchronized from the current properties
  51. FIXED Bug where restoring program defaults would restore the current dialog to user defined defaults, rather then restoring the original defaults
  52. FIXED Crash when trying to add rows in the add field point dialog
  53. FIXED Crash when saving files with imported sensor data that had certain data formats
  54. FIXED Performance issues when defining planes
  55. FIXED Layout issues within the field stress dialog
  56. FIXED Invalid units in the field stress dialog
  57. FIXED Improved performance of results navigation
  58. FIXED Potential crash when opening certain older files with results
  59. FIXED Potential bug where invalid inputs could cause errors when clicking okay, even if the field was no longer being used
  60. FIXED Potential crashes when pasting into data grids
  61. FIXED Bug where program theme was being reset when reading a file
  62. FIXED Bug where the opacity of contours was not being set properly when viewing deformation contours
  63. FIXED Inconsistency in how exponential system was displayed across the program
  64. FIXED Bug where custom titleblocks could cause print to not appear on one page correctly
  65. FIXED Bug where Help->EX3 Documentation would link to an invalid address

1.012 – May 13 2021 [Download]

  1. FIXED Crash when viewing engine log file in some cases
  2. FIXED Bug where loads would not draw properly on geometry with some ranges of values
  3. FIXED Bug where cancelling import of MapTek data would not work correctly
  4. FIXED Crash when undoing steps during the importing of MapTek data
  5. FIXED Bug where the wrong values could appear when pasting into data grids
  6. FIXED Bug where group information could be lost when clearing geometry history
  7. FIXED Bug where some nodes would be deleted by clear geometry history that should not be deleted
  8. FIXED Bug where invalid material would appear in the report generator
  9. FIXED Bug where file saving was not working correctly when file paths had no leading drive
  10. FIXED Crash when graphing field point lines that intersect excavations
  11. FIXED Performance issues when viewing mesh quality
  12. FIXED Some incorrect reporting when viewing mesh quality
  13. FIXED Crashing when loading old EX3 files in some rare cases
  14. FIXED Bug which could create bad imprints when adding contour planes leading to bad contour edges near excavations
  15. FIXED Poor performance when adding large numbers of points for a field point cloud
  16. FIXED Bug where cancelling IDS import could cause the program to enter an invalid state
  17. FIXED Crash when opening a model with a properties table that referenced now unused properties
  18. CHANGED Chart view toolbars to remove invalid selection buttons
  19. NEW Option to toggle whether to view labels when defining field point clouds

1.011 – February 17 2021 [Download]

  1. FIXED Bug where very smooth surfaces would have no selectable faces
  2. FIXED Crash when trying to add field points lines and field point clouds

1.010 – February 3 2021 [Download]

  1. NEW Maptek, Reutech and 3vGeomatics data import
  2. NEW General contours planes on stress grid boxes
  3. NEW Progress dialogs can now be minimized
  4. NEW Export contour surfaces
  5. NEW Property overlay tables
  6. NEW Field points on any surface
  7. NEW Tool for removing geometry histories to reduce file sizes/memory requirements and improving file saving/reading times
  8. CHANGED Controls when defining planes
  9. CHANGED Controls when defining primitive spheres
  10. CHANGED Controls when defining primitive ellipsoids
  11. CHANGED Automatic information provided when submitting tech support requests
  12. CHANGED Removed the ability to add field points in the results tab
  13. FIXED Error in joint results in multi stage models
  14. FIXED Transparency slider actually showing opacity
  15. FIXED Program not zoom fitting after retriangulation operation
  16. FIXED Program wide performance/memory issues from redundant data being stored (Original Entity removal)
  17. FIXED Default plane sizes not being meaningful
  18. FIXED Some geometries becoming hidden after certain geometry operations
  19. FIXED Incorrect a parameter calculation from GSI calculator
  20. FIXED A potential crash when exporting a section cut with invalid selections
  21. FIXED A rare crash when zoom fitting the model
  22. FIXED Small volumes sometimes disappearing during divide all operation
  23. FIXED Potential crash when restoring view states
  24. FIXED Some visualization issues after performing certain geometry operations
  25. FIXED Potential crash when pasting into property grids
  26. FIXED Some memory leaks when closing projects
  27. FIXED No role being set for some sensor data

1.009 – November 19 2020 [Download]

  1. FIXED bug where some linear path entities would become unselectable after import
  2. FIXED bug where some small volumes where not emerging from divide all correctly
  3. FIXED crash when selecting 'Sigma 3 / Sigma 1' from the results data type combo
  4. FIXED bug causing 'Differential Stress' results to be unavailable
  5. FIXED bug causing geometries to move during some geometry operations
  6. FIXED bug where in some cases assigning ground surface would fail without notification
  7. FIXED option which would create invalid joint definitions
  8. FIXED bug with the camera view when aligning camera with selected planes or faces

1.008 – October 8 2020 [Download]

  1. NEW Users can now redefine strength parameters after calculation without needing to redo the entire analysis
  2. NEW Added the option for users to preselect which results to see which substantially improves results loading time and reduces required program memory
  3. NEW Added the option to set defaults for units and analysis options
  4. NEW Added new optional hardware rendering which will substantially improve results loading performance, stage switching performance, data type switching performance and program framerate when manipulating the viewport in the results tab
  5. CHANGED Improved progress notification when saving the project
  6. CHANGED Improved file I/O performance
  7. CHANGED Improved performance when loading results
  8. CHANGED Improved user interactivity for defining box primitives and field point boxes
  9. CHANGED Dramatically improved speed to write compute file
  10. FIXED Fixed a potential crash with the legend histogram
  11. FIXED Fixed a bug with the look of the notification bar with dark theme
  12. FIXED Fixed a bug where ground surface nodes appeared to have no role
  13. FIXED Fixed a potential race condition when computing small files that would result in undefined behaviour
  14. FIXED Fixed a bug where invalid strength factor values were being shown on joints

1.007 – August 12 2020 [Download]

  1. Fixed occasional errors with the preview viewport when importing geometry
  2. Fixed an occasional error message that would appear when attempting to simplify geometry during importing
  3. Fixed bug where users view preferences would be reset when changing tabs
  4. Fixed bug where user data equations with pi would not parse correctly
  5. Added a new menu option in the windows menu for toggling which viewport to see
  6. Fixed a bug where users could enter invalid values when extruding geometry causing a crash
  7. Added warnings when users enter invalid data when defining field point clouds
  8. Added the option to edit field point clouds after initial definition
  9. Fixed potential crashes when editing user data
  10. Improved performance when modifying user data
  11. Fixed a bug where stress ribbons would not display correctly after undoing their deletion
  12. Fixed crash when navigating results pane after undoing the deletion of a stress ribbons
  13. Fixed bug where line query's would sometimes not read some options correctly from a file causing slight changes to queried results
  14. Fixed a bug where field point clouds would not contour correctly if any of the points were inside excavation
  15. Fixed an occasional crash when navigating results with user data defined
  16. Fixed an occasional crash when repeatedly previewing user data

1.006 – July 6 2020 [Download]

  1. Fixed occasional bug in display when changing themes
  2. Updated report generator with new navigation features
  3. Fixed minor bugs in display of import geometry window
  4. Updated contour rendering to improve result loading and viewing performance
  5. Fixed crash in some cases when trying to translate geometry
  6. Fixed some bad defaults when creating external volumes from surface
  7. Fixed a crash in some cases when defining field point clouds and polylines
  8. Fixed some minor control styling issues
  9. Fixed bug where results would not show up correctly on material boundaries in some rare cases
  10. Added material data to available values for user data
  11. Added new Spalling Criterion data type
  12. Fixed bug where sometimes after modifying joint data the engine with run without the updated file
  13. Added new results types for joints
  14. Fixed crash when redoing an edit of a field point box after undoing it being added

1.005 – May 29 2020 [Download]

  1. Improved performance of node reading
  2. Fixed an occasional crash during file reading
  3. Slight improvement to performance when working with temporary geometry
  4. Now properly discarding results nodes if the node they depend on is missing
  5. Fixed coordinate reading when reading DTM files in some cases
  6. Fixed crashing in some cases when showing data tips
  7. Ensure global offset is updated when external is cleared
  8. Fixed some behaviour of divide all
  9. Changed some units and defaults for joint shear and normal stiffness
  10. Fixed some crashing behaviour with shortcut editing
  11. Added some feedback for users about incorrectly saved entities in some cases
  12. Fixed import of Map3D in some cases of really bad geometry
  13. Fixed crash when creating displacement vectors
  14. Fixed divide by zero bug when calculating deformation scale factor resulting in infinted scale factor
  15. Extended the delay when user sets deformation scale factor for smoother experience
  16. Fixed case where mesh post processing fails, preventing mesh from becoming available
  17. Fixed occasional bug when computing models with multiple materials
  18. Fixed occasional bug when computing models with joints crossing a volume

1.003 – March 25 2020 [Download]

  1. Maintenance+ version released.

1.002 – February 11 2020

  1. Second Beta version released.

1.001 – January 24 2020

  1. Maintenance+ Beta version released.

Version 4.105 November 14 2019 [Download]

  1. Updated licensing to version 7.100 of Safenet.

Version 4.104 March 1 2016

  1. Improved the way swap files are handled. Swap files are now created in the same folder as the Examine ex3 file and have unique names based on the ex3 filename. This allows for multiple files to be run at the same time and large file on large disk drives with lots of free space to run correctly.

Version 4.103 July 31 2015

  1. Fixed a bug with plotting of user defined data and field points.

Version 4.102 June 15 2015

  1. Increased the limit on the number of holes in a face from 50 to 500.

Version 4.101 March 24 2015

  1. Updated the user data functions to include min, max, pow, atan2.

Version 4.0999 March 29 2010

  1. Compute: Correctly computes the amount of memory on 64bit Windows.

Version 4.0998 12/12/08

  1. Model: A file path limitation of 100 characters was fixed.

Version 4.0997

  1. Compute Engine was built in debug mode causing dll existance errors and slowing down the engine.

Version 4.0996

  1. Now supports multiple HASPHL locks on the same USB hub.

Version 4.0995

  1. Added HASPHL hardlock support

Version 4.0994

  1. Support for new Educational system. Updated program to use latest microsoft dlls.

Version 4.0993

  1. Model: The number of nodes and the compute requirements is now calculated correctly for quadratic and constant elements.
  2. Model: The Go button no longer disappears when sweeping a plane through a grid. The rate of automatic sweeping of cutting planes has also been decreased.
  3. Compute: Huge models with quadratic elements in which the swap file exceeded 2GB would not run.
  4. Compute: A priority setting has been added. This allows the user to lower the priority of the compute engine thus allowing other programs to execute faster. This is useful when running a job while doing other things on the computer.
  5. Compute: You can now pause the computation process and restart it using a new Pause button.

Version 4.0992

  1. Model: Direction cosines of principal stress directions now available for user defined plots. See the e3.cfg file for syntax.
  2. Model: Invisible components no longer get surface contours.
  3. Model: Better filtering of inside points for method2 filtering.
  4. Model: Write Pts data now uses a standard file dialog.
  5. Model: A new compact grid file format for DAT files has been added. You only require the values column and the COMPACT_GRID header.

Version 4.0991

  1. Compute: Multiple files selected for computation would not work correctly if some had surfaces and some didn't.
  2. Model: Saving of faces now faster.
  3. Model: Extended the geo file format to support comments, object and component information. Now if you save a geo file and read it back in, the component and object information is recovered as well.
  4. DxfGeo: Support for extended geo file format.
  5. Model: Mouse wheel support for interactive zooming.
  6. Model: Eye-Target mode now supports use of the view buttons.
  7. Model: If normals are turned on then, they are now scaled according to the perspective view size instead of a fraction of the model extents.
  8. Model: Faster Leaky and counter-clockwise checks.
  9. Model: Leaky check now works with surface models.
  10. Model: A new filter type called method2 has been added for filtering inside data points. (See Analysis Param...analysis options dialog). This method is more accurate then the default method but a little slower. It works well with surface models.

Version 4.0990

  1. A bug with the intersection checking in the object check was fixed. Under some circumstances the program would crash.
  2. Compute now shows the grid and the plane being computed.
  3. Better resource management.
  4. Improved nodelocking software protection.

Version 4.0989

  1. Can now change the convergence tolerance and number of iterations in the analysis options. Default number of iterations now 500.
  2. Fixed bug with normals in Interpreter.
  3. Better filtering of surface data points.
  4. Title of window now reflects the last saved file.
  5. Improved performance for beige hardlocks.
  6. Update to auto-update code and nodelock code.
  7. Bug fix for network version and path path dialog.

Version 4.0988

  1. Added the ability to define a gravitational pressure load due to fluid. You define the elevation of the phreatic surface plus the unit weight of the fluid.
  2. Improved the network nodelock licensing.

Version 4.0987

  1. Compute3D : The computed results for near surface excavations have been improved. Just make sure the extent of your surface in plan view (North, East directions) far exceeds the extents of your excavations.
  2. Examine3D: Keypad now works for data entry.

Version 4.0986

  1. Automatic update technology added. Customers with a web connection can run the Rocscience Updates option in the Examine3D start menu to check for new versions.
  2. Nodelocking now possible.

Version 4.0985

  1. The Object Check had an obscure bug for the counter-clockwise element check. If the northern most element was attached to an element that was exactly horizontal then it might not report clockwise elements.

Version 4.0984

  1. The new mesh generation for the facing, implemented in version 4.0983, had a bug in it. This caused the facing in tutorial 2 not to work. It's now fixed.

Version 4.0983

  1. Completely overhauled the meshing for the face generation. The program now grades the mesh by default. This can be changed in the Element Tools->mesh type dialog. The mesh can be either Graded or Uniform.
  2. As a result of the new meshing, a long standing bug where elements might not be formed inside the face is fixed.

Version 4.0982

  1. Fixed a filename length problem. Filenames use to have a limitation of 80 characters, now it's the windows 256 limit.
  2. Fixed a problem with appending ex3 files with coincident geometry. If a file being appended had elements that were the same as the currently opened file then the program could crash. Also fixed some memory overwrite problems with string lengths in prompts.

Version 4.0981

  1. Improved the object check for models with clockwise elements. Previous versions had trouble with finding clockwise elements and changing them to CCW if any element edge had more then two elements attached to it.
  2. Models with more than 250 nodelines would crash. There was a built in limitation of 250 nodelines which has been removed. This did not affect the number of elements allowed which depends on the amount of free disk space (see the Examine3D FAQ #22).

Version 4.098

  1. Engine now allows for multiple swap files. This allows for matrices larger then 2GB thus allowing for models with more than ~7500 nodes. However, the matrix size is still limited by the amount of free disk space you have.

Version 4.097

  1. Windows versions of the utilities have been added.

Version 4.096

  1. Multiple instances of the interface can now be run.
  2. Inproved printing for users of Win95/98.
  3. The mouse handler is improved.
  4. Faster network lock performance.

Version 4.095

  1. Network Hardlock support added.

Version 4.094

  1. Under certain conditions, users of windows 95 would not get the file dialog when trying to open files. This has been fixed.

Version 4.093

  1. Under Windows NT 4.0, users of the software required administrator priviliges. This is no longer the case, any member of the User group can now run the software. THis is not an issue under Win95/98.

Version 4.092

  1. The isosurface volume calculator has been improved. It now reports the volume of rock and the volumes above and below the isosurface value. Precision has been increased as well.

Version 4.091

  1. The program can now calculate the volume associated with a particular Isovalue. This can be useful for measuring the volume of failed material. To use it, create an isosurface as defined in the manual and use the volume and surface calculator in the Tools menu.
  2. The entering in of a isovalue for isosurface generation was a bit flaky. Pressing a mouse button would cause the program to generate a 0 value isosurface. This is now fixed.
  3. If the program could not find the e3.cfg file it would start up with the wrong interface colors. This has been fixed.

Version 4.08

  1. Improved the slicing of geometry. The geometry slicer is now lightening fast, especially in the Interpreter.
  2. Fixed a bug with the interpolation of nodes in Nonplanar faces
  3. Improved the menu popups. They now stay open on a single click in more of the style of Windows. The old method works as well.

Version 4.07

  1. Fixed a bug with writing Examine2D and DAT files.
  2. Fixed a bug with reading DXF and DAT files.

Version 4.06

  1. Fixed a bug with 256 color mode under win95.
  2. Added two new methods for entering field points. One method defines a plane given a point and a dip/dip direction. The second method does the same but for a grid box. Also added a dialog for easier selection of the field point entry method.
  3. In Quickshade mode you can now rotate the model interactively. To rotate the model, place the mouse pointer in the perspective view, press and hold the left mouse button while sweeping the mouse pointer across the view.
  4. Fixed a bug with the DXFGEO utility. Polylines on layers named "Polyline" were not read correctly.
  5. Added a sphere utility to generate a sphere with well shaped elements. You can use this to test the program if you wish.
  6. Improved the Installation program.

Version 4.04

  1. Applying a traction now gives the current condition.
  2. The job description is now edited through an edit box that displays the current description.
  3. The current file is now displayed in the caption bar.
  4. Dialog boxes sometimes remained open if the application was closed. This has been fixed.
  5. The user has more control of the memory utilization in the Compute engine through an editable dialog.This dialog allows the user to define the maximum amount of swap space that the program will use. By default it is set to half the total amount of RAM in your machine.

Version 4.03

  1. A bug in saving files in the Interpreter has now been fixed.
  2. A new web installation format is now being used.

Version 4.02

  1. A bug in reading files with pressurized surfaces has now been fixed.
  2. Web tools have been added to the main menu of Examine3D. This allows the user to quickly access our web site for updates etc.
  3. A compiler optimization bug has been bypassed.

Version 4.01

  1. Improved the Eden3 event density utility. It now has the facilities to orient the grid box and perform interpolation using out of core matrix solution.
  2. Examine3D will now store the last folder you have read a file from. This reduces the time to navigate to your data files.
  3. Examine3D now associates the .ex3 file extension with the e3.exe file. This allows you to click on a file to open it.
  4. Flashing during sweeping of a cutting plane has been improved.
  5. Zoom in/out and pan has been improved.

Version 4.0

  1. Supports Windows 95/NT as a fully integrated windows application. This version is both faster in graphics speed (~10 times) and compute speed (10%). It is a true 32 bit application and is integrated with the windows framework making printing and image capture easier. You can view multiple models simultaneously as well. Windows video files (.avi) are now a snap to create. Virtual memory is now supported in the modeler/interpreter making it easier to model huge problem sizes. The compute engine now supports file queues and multitasking.
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