Q&A with Dr. Evert Hoek: Developments in Rock Engineering from 1958 to 2020

Published on: May 14, 2021 Updated on: Jun 01, 2023 less than 1 minute read

To mark our 25th anniversary as a company, we introduced the Rocscience International Conference, a biennial technical conference with the first event taking place in April 2021. Over 400 engineers from all over the world attended the three-day conference which included paper presentations, panel discussions, and most notably, the Lifetime Achievement Medal awarded to Dr. Evert Hoek.

During this session, Dr. Hoek delivered a fantastic presentation on “Developments in rock engineering from 1958 to 2020.” It was followed by a Q&A period where he answered questions asked by the conference attendees. Click below to read Dr. Hoek's answers to all the questions from the session.

Read Dr. Hoek’s extended Q&A.

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