Using ShapeMetriX and Dips for Geological and Geotechnical Assessments

In this 1-hour webinar, we will introduce to you ShapeMetriX, a software for geometric assessments and geologic mapping, featuring a powerful 3D model generator from 3GSM. The integration between ShapeMetriX and Dips allows users to efficiently analyze their models, showcasing the synergy between these two cutting-edge solutions in geotechnical engineering.

Key Highlights of the session:

      1. Introduction to ShapeMetriX with live demonstration
      2. Utilizing Dips for Kinematic Analysis: Practical Examples
      3. Seamless Integration of Dips and ShapeMetriX: Live Demo

To try out ShapeMetriX, please follow this link - https://3gsm.at/registration-for-demo_version-shapemetrix/


Yalin Dogan, Application Engineer
Yalin Dogan, Application Engineer
Markus Pötsch, 3GSM
Markus Pötsch, 3GSM