Dips to RocSlope3 - Integration and beyond

Unlocking the secrets of rock slope stability! Join Dr. Grace Huang in this enlightening 1-hour webinar, where she dives into modeling and interpreting rock slope stability cases using RocSlope3. Plus, discover the power of seamless integration between Dips and RocSlope3.

Time: 1 PM Eastern Standard Time

Key Highlights of the session:

    • Overview of RocSlope3 block stability analysis and assumptions
    • RocSlope3 joint definition methods with supporting Dips functionalities for realistic and efficient 3D block analysis
    • Uncertainty handling of slope geometry and joint persistence
    • FAQs for RocSlope3 modelling and interpretation


Dr. Grace Huang, Geomechnics Product Manager
Dr. Grace Huang, Geomechanics Product Manager