Analyzing Reinforced Concrete Bored Piles with RSPile

RSPile is ushering in a new era by introducing robust structural design tools specifically tailored for reinforced concrete circular and rectangular sections. Pile designers and structural engineers can now leverage RSPile for comprehensive structural design of piles and compression members.

Join Dr. Ahmed Mufty in our upcoming webinar for an introductory exploration of the analysis and design of reinforced concrete bored piles, showcasing how RSPile serves as a crucial tool for analysis and structural adequacy verification.

Time: 1 PM Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

Key Highlights of the session:

  • Explore the dedicated R.C section detailing design section tab.
  • Construct piles with varying sections using the pile type editor.
  • Create powerful interaction diagrams for all sections.
  • Introducing Mn-Pn and Mnx-Mny diagrams, stress-strain curves, and 3D views.
  • Unveiling the Capacity Ratio calculation feature for structural assessment.


    • Analysis of individual piles
    • Analysis mode
    • Pile sections and Pile types
    • Pile designation and coordinates
    • Application of loads
    • Interaction diagrams
    • Capacity ratio
    • Presentation of results


Dr. Ahmed Mufty, Geomechanics Specialist
Dr. Ahmed Mufty, Geomechanics Specialist