Course: Rock Slope Stability

Course Details

  • Date: July 6th - 7th, 2023
  • Venue: Hilton Brisbane, 190 Elizabeth St, Brisbane City QLD 4000
  • Schedule: 8:30 am - 5 pm
  • Instructors: This course will be instructed by Dr. Grace Huang, Geomechanics Product Manager, Rocscience and Dr. Alison McQuillan, Director of Rocscience Australia.
  • Registration Fees:
    • Early Bird Price - $1195 USD (until May 31st, 2023)
    • Regular Price - $1295 USD

What’s included:

  • Temporary software licenses
  • PDF of course materials
  • PDH Certificate
  • Lunch & Snacks

Please note:

  • Registrants will be responsible for their own accommodation
  • Participants must bring their own laptops (and mice)
  • Participant numbers are limited

Course Outline


  • Plotting stereonets and choosing joint sets
  • Methodology to identify planar, wedge, and toppling failure mechanisms
  • Kinematic Evaluations


  • Deterministic and probabilistic analysis of planar failures
  • Sensitivity analysis of input parameters
  • Design of mitigation options


  • Deterministic and probabilistic analysis of wedge failures
  • Sensitivity analysis of input parameters
  • Design of mitigation options


  • Evaluation of block toppling and block-flexural toppling
  • Sensitivity analysis of input parameters


    • General conditions for rockfalls and factors affecting trajectories
    • Impact theories for lump mass and rigid body in RocFall2
    • Point mass and rigid body analysis of the trajectories and energies of falling rock blocks
    • Design of mitigation measures such as catch fences and berms


    • Impact theories for lump mass and rigid body in RocFall3
    • 2D vs 3D rockfall analysis
    • 3D model construction and interpretation
    • Multi-section export to 2D (RocFall2) for group analysis


    For any additional queries, please reach out to Alison McQuillan.


    Course Instructor:

    Dr Alison McQuillan, Director, Rocscience Australia, obtained her PhD in Mining Engineering at UNSW Sydney and is a Chartered Professional (Geotech) and Registered Professional Engineer in Queensland. Alison specializes in rock mechanics and slope stability, with over 15 years of experience in operational, corporate and consulting roles for several commodities in Australia, SE Asia and Africa. Alison applies a practical approach to geotechnical engineering combining her field experience with her knowledge of numerical modelling tools.

    Grace Huang, Ph.D, Geomechanics Product Manager, Rocscience, Grace completed her BASc in civil engineering at the University of Toronto, and her MSc and Ph.D. in civil engineering with a geotechnical focus at Virginia Tech. She has previous experience in software development, geotechnical consulting in the transportation sector, research, and teaching foundation engineering at the undergraduate and graduate levels.