Course: Applied Geomechanical Modeling of Rock Mass Behaviour in light of Infrastructure Projects

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  • Course Date: March 2-3, 2023
  • Venue: Limak Skopje Luxury Hotel, Jordan Mijalkov.31, Skopje 1000, Jordan Mijalkov 32, Skopje 1000, North Macedonia
  • Languages: The course will be conducted in English
  • Registration Fees:
    • Early Bird - USD $295 (until February 3rd, 2023)
    • Regular - USD $395

What’s included:

  • Temporary software licenses
  • PDF of course materials
  • PDH Certificate (15-hours)
  • Lunch & Refreshments

Please note:

  • Registrants will be responsible for their own accommodation
  • Participants must bring their own laptops (and mice)
  • Participant numbers are limited

Course Outline:

Module I: Rock Mechanics in Engineering Practice (RSData)

- Rock Mass Definition
- Discussion on Key Parameters in Characterization
- Laboratory and Field Testing
- Modeling Strength and Stiffness in Rock Masses

Module II: Kinematic Analysis of Rock Mass Instabilities (Dips)

Module III: Force Based Analysis of Planar, Wedge Type and Toppling Type Instabilities (RocPlane, Swedge, RocTopple)

Module IV: Rockfall Simulations and Designing for Preventive Measures – Part I (RocFall2)

- Basic Concepts in Rockfall Simulations
- Parameter Selection for Coefficient of Restitution
- Rigid Body v.s. Lumped Mass Approaches
- Seeding, Simulation Sampling
- Setting Initial Conditions, Surface Properties
- Querying Data and Designing with Barriers and Berms

Module V: Rockfall Simulations and Designing for Preventive Measures – Part II (RocFall2, RocFall3)

- Additional Examples on Impact of Model Parameters on 2D Simulations
- Generation of Surface Models in 3D Rockfall Analysis
- Worked Example on 3D Rockfall Simulation

Module VI: Reflecting Rock Mass Properties in 2D & 3D Limit Equilibrium and Finite

- Motivation for Discussion of Key Aspects
- Modeling Anisotropy in LE and FE
- Modeling Joint Networks in FE
- Options for Modeling Groundwater Flow in Rock Masses

Module VII: Analysis of Single and Group Piles (RSPile)

- Pile Behaviour and Pile Capacity Calculation
- Assessment of Behaviour of Single Piles Under Compressional and Lateral Loads –
- Reaction Curves and Pile Capacities, Cross Sectional Demands & Design Detailing
- Behaviour of Capped Pile Groups

Module VIII: Integrating Single and Group Piles in LE and FE Based Analyses (RS2, Slide2)
- 2D FE Based Analysis of a Pile Group Under Surface Loadings
- 2D FE Based Analysis of a Pile Group Supporting a Viaduct Structure Resting on Anisotropic Rock Mass
- Pile Elements and Their Integrated Use in Limit Equilibrium Models


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