Rocscience New Pricing, New Maintenance and a New Software Model

With the launch of Maintenance+ on September 1, we’re introducing new pricing for all our licenses as well as a move to a Continuous Software model of ongoing releases throughout the year that include enhancements and bug fixes. This new pricing structure reflects the added value offered to our clients by Maintenance+, our enhanced maintenance and support services subscription. In addition to Continuous Software, Maintenance+ License Services and Technical Support ensure that your software investment is protected for years to come.

What are the new prices and when do they take effect?

Prices for all our products will increase effective September 1, 2019, as shown in our new pricing table.

New pricing will coincide with the release of new versions of all our products in order to bring all our customers up to date with the latest release as we move into the Continuous Software model. Maintenance+ for 12 months will be included with the purchase of each Perpetual License and will be renewable at the end of the term in 12-month increments at 20% of the current license price. In addition, Maintenance+ will be included with the subscription to an Annual Lease license and continue for as long as the lease is active.

What about upgrades?

With the launch of Maintenance+ on September 1, upgrades will no longer be available for purchase. Instead, subscribers will get new releases, including enhancements and bug fixes, throughout the year as they become available. This move away from upgrades represents savings of approximately $1000 when, for example, purchasing Maintenance+ over two years instead of the equivalent in upgrades, assuming new releases of at least once a year.1

Are there other ways I can save?

Multiple licenses

The following discounts apply when multiple identical licenses of the same product are purchased: 5% discount on the purchase of two licenses; 10% discount on the purchase of three licenses; 20% discount on the purchase of five licenses.

Extended subscriptions

After September 1, at the time of purchasing a Perpetual license or Maintenance+ for an existing license, you can get a discount by purchasing an extended subscription to Maintenance+. While your first 12 months will be included in the license price, you can save on extensions as follows: 5% on a 12-month extension and 10% on a 24-month extension. For example, the cost of purchasing a 24-month extended subscription for RS2 would be $2,518 compared to $2,798 for purchasing Maintenance+ in two 12-month instalments, for a savings of $280.2

Get ready for all new versions

Finally, don’t forget that we’re releasing new versions of all our software with the launch of Maintenance+. That means you have even more of a reason to get a Maintenance+ subscription as soon as possible so you’ll have access to all the latest features as soon as they're available.

If you have more questions ...

If you have more questions about our new pricing structure, the move to a Continuous Software model, or Maintenance+ in general, please don’t hesitate to contact us at
or visit our Maintenance+ FAQ.

1Using Slide2 as an example, when comparing the old cost of the license plus two upgrades ($5,585) with the new cost of the license plus 24 months of Maintenance+ ($4,554), there is a savings of $1,031.

2Assuming no increase in the price of the license.

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