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Incorporate Soil Profile

With the Incorporate Soil Profile option, you can define the global soil column profile using the interpreted layers from the CPT data. The option can be used to combine the soil profiles from different CPT profiles and manually entered boreholes.

To enable this option, check the Incorporate Soil Profile checkbox in the CPT Input dialog.

Note that if you want more than one CPT borehole to contribute to the soil column profile, you need to enable the Non-Horizontal Soil Layers option in the Soil Profiles tab of the Project Settings.

The process for determining the soil profile is as follows:

  1. Enter the CPT data in the first window of the CPT Input dialog, and check the Incorporate Soil Profile checkbox. Click Next to move to the next step.

    CPT Input dialog- initial view
    CPT Input dialog - initial view
  2. Select the SBT Method using the Method dropdown and enter the Delta Size. The Delta Size is depth over which the SBT values will be compared to determine the predominant soil type for a particular section of the CPT borehole.

    For each depth, the different soil types calculated are shown, in order of percent occurence. Click Next to move on to the soil column summary.

    CPT input dialog- soil types
    CPT Input dialog - soil types
  3. In the Soil Column summary window, you can review the layer types and merge consecutive layers. To accept the profile click OK, if it is the first CPT borehole, and Next if it is any subsequent borehole or the any CPT borehole when there has already been a borehole created.

    If you are entering the first CPT point, the dialog will close after clicking OK. If this is not the first borehole, clicking Next will take you to the Merge Global Profile view.

    CPT Input dialog- review CPT layers CPT Input dialog-review CPT layers
    CPT Input dialog - review CPT layers (left: consecutive layers not merged; right: consectiv3e layers merged)
  4. In the Merge Global Profile view, the Auto Detected Soil Layers and existing Global Soil Profile Layers are merged into a Merged Soil Layers profile. The two merging options are Match Auto to Global Profile Left to Right and Match Auto to Global Profile Right to Left.

    CPT Input dialog- merging soild layers
    CPT Input dialog - merging soil layers

    Click OK to accept the merged soil layers and close the dialog.
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