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3D General Geometry Import

1.0 Introduction

RS3 supports the import of model geometry from many different file formats, including:

  • RS Geometry Object (*.rsgeomobj)
  • OBJ Files (*.obj)
  • STL Files (*.stl; *.stlbin)
  • Autodesk Files (*.dxf; *.dwg)
  • DTM Files (*.dtm)
  • STEP Files (*.step; *.stp)
  • IGES Files (*.iges; *.igs)
  • TIN Files (*.tin)
  • OFF Files (*.off)
  • ASC Files (*.asc)
  • LAS Files (*.las)
  • LUSAS Files (*.mdl)

The RS3 Import Geometry function now includes the following improvements:

  • A Usage Selection screen to guide the initial assignment of geometry type (i.e. Geology / Construction, Surface / Volume, etc).
  • Improved geometry selection and filtering options.
  • A Geometry Repair feature, to automatically detect and repair problems such as holes, narrow triangles, near degenerate features, self intersections and non-manifold geometry.

2.0 Importing Geometry

Geometry icon Select: Geometry > Import/Export > Import Geometry or select Import Geometry Geometry icon from the toolbar.

When you select Import Geometry, open file dialog appears.

Navigate to the directory where tutorials are installed (ex. C:\Users\Public\Documents\Rocscience\RS3 2019 Examples\Tutorials\3D General Geometry Import - starting file) and open the file pit_with_defects.stl.

Note: the intended use of a piece of geometry affects the suitability criteria used to evaluate the geometry. If the intended use is unknown, simply use ‘Unassigned’ to handle this case. You can change the purpose of a piece of geometry at various points in the modelling process.

3.0 Geometry Selection

The next step in geometry import is geometry selection. This step encourages you to examine the geometry in the file(s) and select the pieces of geometry for use in a Rocscience model.

Import Geometry dialog box

Key features include:

  • Import multiple files in one session
  • Explicit list of selected geometry
  • Filter capability to help you find pieces of geometry
  • Duplicate removal. Selection by mouse swept box only selects one copy of a piece of geometry that has multiple copies
  • Basic transformation functions (Move to Origin, Orientation, Translate, Rotate, Scale)

This example only contains one geometry entity. Select either the file, the Default layer or the Mesh entity (since there is only a single entity it does not matter which you select). Select all boxes of the geometry and Select: Post-Processing.

You will see two options as shown below.

Import Geometry dialog- Post Processing

Select: Find and Repair Defects.

Note: During the import process, the Simplify and Repair buttons are disabled if there are no triangles, such as when importing polylines or point clouds.

4.0 Geometry Repair

Select Geometry Check and Repair. The next dialog allows you to detect and repair defects on the selected geometry.

The tool will search the geometry for defects. The more complicated the geometry, the longer this will take. The defects discovered by the validation check will be highlighted on the entity(s) and color‐coded according to defect type.

For this example, the imported surface has geometry defects in all 5 categories, as displayed in the summary at the bottom right:

Repair Geometry dialog

If you wish to exclude some of the categories, you can toggle the corresponding checkbox.

5.0 View Options - Zoom, Pan, Rotate, Magnify

At the top of the geometry viewport, you will notice controls for manipulating the view: Home, Magnify, Zoom Window, Zoom, Pan, Rotate, Zoom Fit

View Options- Home, Magnify, Zoom Window, Pan, Rotate, Zoom Fit

These functions can also be carried out directly using the mouse:

  • Rotate mouse wheel to zoom
  • Press and hold mouse wheel to rotate
  • Ctrl key + press and hold mouse wheel to pan
  • Shift key + press and hold mouse wheel for dynamic zoom

The magnify feature is particularly useful for magnifying details such as highlighted geometry defects in order to assess problem areas.

Image highlighting magnify feature

6.0 Repairing Geometry

Click the Repair button to automatically repair the geometry. For more information regarding repair, refer to Geometry Repair Tool. Tutorial for geometry repair feature is available in RS3: Geometry Repair Tool tutorial.

Click OK to import the geometry.

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