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What's New

The following is a listing of major feature additions which have been made in the latest Maintenance + release of Dips.

For a complete list of changes and bug fixes since the initial release of Dips, see the Dips Update History page.

Version 8.012

Dip Import Wizard

  • Added Dips Import Wizard for mass import of columnized Excel data into Dips Traverse Information and/or Grid Data.
  • Set which data types to import and from which columns of Excel files to extract the data from.
  • Work with predefined and user-defined Import Settings Templates to automatically specify import data types and import file settings for quick import.


  • Added Import Settings Template Manager for renaming, deleting, importing, and export user-defined Import Settings Templates.

Version 8.003


  • Major speed and improvements when working with filters. Optimized for speed and RAM usage,


  • Added Auto-requery Filters option to Analysis menu.
  • User has the option to requery filters automatically or manually after changes to Grid Data, Project Settings, Traverses, and/or Sets. Note: Turning off Auto-requery Filters minimizes the number of times data is recomputed which is recommended for large Grid Data.

Version 8.001


  • Create multiple data filter query settings in the same Dips file
  • Display dynamically filtered data in each view (e.g., 2D Stereonet Plot, 3D Stereonet, Chart). Each view applies data filters independent of other open views.
  • Easy toggle between each filtered and unfiltered data set with immediately results
  • Perform analysis on unfiltered or filtered data
  • Import and export filter query settings between different Dips files
  • Create a new Dips file with the selected filter
  • Option to turn off Auto-requery Filters. Manually requery filtered data after changes are made to Project Settings, Traverses, Grid Data, or Sets. This option allows for efficient computations when working with large sets pole data because filters are not automatically requeried whenever changes occur affecting the data.


  • Option to perform a Set vs. Set Analysis
  • Option to output Slope Dip Direction plot as Polar (Radial) chart type


  • Save current 2D Stereonet Plot Options to local machine
  • Load 2D Stereonet Plot Options from local machine to a 2D Stereonet Plot in any Dips file
  • Import and export view template files between different machines


  • Change line weights, styles, colors with user plane and mean sets
  • Change legend fonts, font sizes and colors
  • Change chart label sizes
  • Customize symbol line weights for vector and symbolic plots
  • Change the location of the legend in stereonet view for better printing in portrait orientation
  • More auto-text options in plot views


  • Added Zoom to Stereonet option in Stereonet Plot View to display the zoomed extents of the stereonet in the active view.
  • More streamlined Display Options dialog
  • Improved Kinematic Analysis dialog


  • Output filtered planes and intersections
  • Output critical intersections only
  • Increased maximum number of rows to be exported to Excel's limit
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