General Support FAQs

Please consult the Currently Supported Versions page to find out if you are using the latest version. Note that if the program you're using is part of the Maintenance Subscription Plan, you must be subscribed to Maintenance (or be using a Flexible license) in order to receive technical support.
In order to get prompt technical support you must provide us with the Technical Support information for the program you're inquiring about. This information can be accessed by selecting Help > Technical Support in the Rocscience program you’re using. Copy the information in the Tech Support dialog, and paste it into your email. In addition, it is important to send in any models that you refer to in your email. If a file is too large to send in by email we can provide you with a link to upload the file.

Maintenance FAQs

Not a problem, we can add you to the Maintenance Subscription plan at any time. It’s as easy as paying for years missed (surcharge applies) and signing up.
It is not necessary to purchase maintenance for all copies. You can pick and choose your maintenance options.
We are happy to extend the same discount point on our maintenance subscription as we do on our program and upgrade purchases. Discounts for bulk purchases are available when purchasing 5 or more maintenance subscriptions.
We will continue to offer the high level of technical support service that our Rocscience customers expect. Response time depends on time zones, complexity of the question and office hours. We’re here Monday through Friday (9am to 5pm EST). You can usually expect an answer back from us within 24 hours.
We will transfer the remainder of your maintenance subscription to your new program purchase.
You will receive your upgrades automatically.
You are able to take advantage of the Maintenance Subscription plan if you are using a currently subscribed program, even if you are in a different office location.
Of course. We understand the budgeting issues that many companies face and we’re happy to extend this option.
Yes, we will still offer the option of purchasing an upgrade for customers who have not subscribed for maintenance. We strongly suggest, however, that you join the Maintenance Subscription plan to receive free upgrades automatically
We’re offering maintenance options with our new releases – as each program is upgraded to a new version, it will be added to the Maintenance Subscription plan. Existing versions will continue to be governed by our existing technical support policy.
Maintenance on this annual license is included in the purchase price.
We are happy to assist you in the installation of your Education Subscription, however technical support is available through our Knowledge Base and online help system only.

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