Currently Supported Versions

The table below summarizes the currently distributed versions of Rocscience software, as well as the release dates of those programs (where applicable). Note that 6 months after the release of the current version, support for the previous version ceases.

Program Release Date
CPillar v4.0 September 2015
Dips v7.0 February 2016
Examine3D v4.0
RocData v5.0 July 2014
RocFall v6.0 November 2016
RocPlane v3.0 March 2014
RocSupport v4.0 January 2015
RocTopple v1.0 February 2013
RSPile v1.0 December 2015
RS2 (Phase2) v9.0 October 2014
RS3 v2.0 January 2017
Settle3D v4.0 November 2016
Slide v7.0 December 2015
Slide3 June 2017
Swedge v6.0 March 2014
Unwedge v4.0 January 2015

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