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License Renewals

The steps involved for renewing your license depend on the type of license you own.

Lease licenses

Email reminders will be sent to renew your lease licenses (both personal and flexible), on an annual basis prior to expiration. Maintenance+ is included with all lease licenses.

Perpetual licenses

12 months after purchasing a perpetual license (both personal and flexible), you will receive two emails:

  • One with your annual product key to ensure your license stays active.
  • The second email prompting you to renew your Maintenance+ plan so you can continue receiving benefits like new features, license migration and technical support.

How Do Renewals Work?

Take a look at the chart below which explains the renewal process:

  • Is your license lease or perpetual?

    • Lease License

      • You will receive email reminders to renew your annual license.

        • Follow the instructions in your email or reach out to your representative to renew your license.

    • Perpetual License

      • You own your license in perpetuity. Every 12 months, you will receive an email with your annual product key.

        • Follow the instructions in your email to ensure your license remains active.

      • Maintenance+ is free for the first year. After the first year, you will receive an email prompting you to renew your annual Maintenance+ subscription.

        • Follow the instructions in the email or reach out to your representative to renew your Maintenance+ subscription.


Lease Licenses

You already have it. Maintenance+ is included with your lease license, so you can access the latest version as it becomes available.

Perpetual Licenses

No, you don’t need to subscribe to Maintenance+. Renewing your Maintenance+ subscription is independent of activating your license with the product key.

However, not having Maintenance+ means you will no longer be able to download the latest version of the program, access technical support or be able to migrate your licenses. Moving forward, your product key will correspond to only the version you are currently using.

Use this tool to identify which version you should be downloading.

For the Perpetual license type, there are two times a year when you receive a renewal email.

The first email provides your annual product key. You will receive your annual product keys every year for all Perpetual licenses (free of charge). These product keys are required to keep your licenses running and are independent of your Maintenance+ subscription.

The second email is for your Maintenance+ subscription renewal. Maintenance+ is Rocscience’s support subscription that ensures you continuously run the latest version of the software you’ve come to rely on, access to our Tech Support and the ability to move the license up to 3 times in a given year.

The .v2c files you applied are to update the expiration date of your Maintenance+ subscriptions. The expiry dates you see in your license manager are associated with the license expiry, or the date you will need to apply your annual product key by.

In order to find the updated Maintenance+ subscription expiration date, please refer to the question below.

To see the new expiration date for your Maintenance+ subscriptions, you will have to: open the program, click on the help tab (top left) then click on technical support. You will then see a dialogue box and your Maintenance+ subscription expiration date will be at the very bottom titled maintenance expiry.

You can also see the expiration date for your license there (the date when you will need to apply your free annual product key by) titled expiry.

You can see the expiry dates for the licenses on this page: http://localhost:1947/_int_/features.html. However, you cannot see your Maintenance+ subscription expiration dates here. When new product keys are activated, the old, expired entries will remain the same, and new entries with new expiry dates will be added to the list. You might have to scroll through the pages to see all the licenses.

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