Program Updates

Program Updates

Below are the links for program installations and program update pages.


Download Link




Update History

CPillar Link 84MB v4.006 08/24/2017 Updates
Dips Link 94MB v7.012 01/24/2018 Updates
Examine3D Link 68MB v4.104 03/01/2016 Updates
RocData Link 88MB v5.009 08/24/2017 Updates
RocFall Link 95MB v6.011 01/24/2018 Updates
RocPlane Link 82MB v3.007 08/24/2017 Updates
RocSupport Link 57MB v4.007 08/24/2017 Updates
RocTopple Link 63MB v1.007 08/24/2017 Updates
RS2 Link 513MB v9.027 04/03/2018 Updates
RS3 Link 410MB v2.014 04/03/2018 Updates
RSPile Link 89MB v1.007 08/24/2017 Updates
Settle3D Link 230MB v4.016 04/17/2018 Updates
Slide Link 240MB v8.010 04/17/2018 Updates
Slide3 Link 290MB 2017.016 04/17/2018 Updates
Swedge Link 88MB v6.016 08/24/2017 Updates
Unwedge Link 97MB v4.023 04/17/2018 Updates

System Requirements

The system requirements for Rocscience software are outlined below.

Minimum System Requirements
(RS2, RS3)

  • Win7 (64-bit)
  • 100GB hard disk space
  • 16GB memory (RAM)

Recommended System Requirements
(RS2, RS3, Slide3)

  • Win7/Win8/Win10 (64-bit)
  • 500GB hard disk space
  • 32GB memory (RAM)

Minimum System Requirements
(All other programs)

  • Win7/Win8/Win10 (32 and 64-bit)
  • 100GB hard disk space
  • 8GB memory (RAM)

Installation and Activation Instructions

Below are the installation instructions for each license type.

Flexible or Portable

  1. Server Installation and Activation
  2. Server Configuration
  3. Client Configuration
  4. Detaching Network License

University Server License

  1. Server Installation and Activation
  2. Server Configuration
  3. Client Configuration

Personal and Evaluation License

Personal / Evaluation Licenses

Other Links

Silent Install ISS files for all programs
License Cancellation Instructions
Hardlock Update Instructions
License Update Instructions

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