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Rocscience has a number of useful online resources that should be used as a first stop for any technical support questions you may have. Below are links to the Knowledge Base, Online Help, and Developers' Tips resources.

Note that for programs that are on our Maintenance Plan, if you have not subscribed to Maintenance, all of your technical support options are outlined below.


The Knowledge Base provides answers to some of the most commonly asked tech support questions for each program.

It also has articles linking to the program tutorials and developer's tips.


Rocscience has an extensive Online Help system for each program. In the Online Help you'll find information on how to build models and view analysis results. The Online Help system for each program is also home to the Tutorial, Verification, and Theory documents for each program.


Developers' Tips discuss advanced modeling techniques or new features in different Rocscience programs. Our Developer's Tips often start out as RocNews articles. The Developer's Tips available for each program are listed on the Developer's Tips page, as well as in the Resources section of each program.

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