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Program Updates


Program Updates

Slide3 2017 Update History

2017.021 – December 5 2018 [Download]

  1. Making extraction of external boundary polyline more robust.
  2. More robust surface extraction.
  3. Fix for Cuckoo and PSO for multi-planar using too large a number of trials for convergence, resulting in hours of computation in some cases.

2017.020 – November 9 2018

  1. A bolt orientation bug was fixed.
  2. An annotation-related file reading bug was fixed.
  3. A Slide section export bug was fixed.
  4. A compute file writing bug was fixed.

2017.019 – September 27 2018

  1. Fix for weak layers that extend above ground surface of a slope.
  2. Fixed creation of concave slip surfaces caused by weak planes.
  3. Improved quality of slip surface discretization.
  4. Modified SA to output the relevant error code (instead of 100 when it does not converge in that iteration).
  5. Some fixes to ensure slip surface columns do not enter within infinite strength materials.
  6. Changed default process execution priority for compute console to below normal.
  7. Fixed a bug that caused ignoring slope limits for user-defined surfaces.
  8. Improved spline conversion of spline surfaces used in SA optimization.
  9. Improved slip surface clipping.
  10. Fixed some occasional slow computation caused by multi-threading in models with discrete functions.
  11. Changed shear normal and cphi to be consistent with Slide.
  12. Modified engine to be robust for handling models with non-conforming geometric meshes.
  13. Bolt orientation and end-points were sometimes incorrect; fixed.
  14. Supports now render more clearly.
  15. Old files were incorrectly handling transformed boreholes; fixed.
  16. "Add to External" is now more flexible.
  17. Single boreholes now produce better quality surfaces.
  18. A support pattern bug was fixed.
  19. Some GSI calculator bugs were fixed.
  20. Highlighting a face, edge, or vertex did not work for certain graphics hardware; fixed.
  21. Vertex imprinting now works better.
  22. When printing, the chosen logo image file is now more centered.
  23. Some conflicting menu shortcuts were fixed.
  24. Some old files were incorrectly handling slope limits; fixed.
  25. A result surface export bug was fixed.
  26. A section export bug was fixed.
  27. The Slide importer is now more robust.
  28. The results surface is now more robust.

2017.018 – July 17 2018

  1. Fixed a bug related to flat horizontal infinite planes.
  2. Reduced initialization time for computing.
  3. Fix for weak layers with portions above ground surface.
  4. Fix for occasional creation of abnormal failure surfaces due to weak layers.
  5. The Geometry Import validator now identifies more relevant problems.
  6. A Copy Geometry Array bug was fixed.
  7. Some Section Viewer and Cutting Plane bugs were fixed.
  8. The Section Viewer and Cutting Plane tools now perform faster.
  9. Some failed Boolean operations stopped the program, or modified the original geometry; fixed.
  10. Some geometry selection bugs were fixed.
  11. Geometry selection speed was improved.
  12. An Extrude bug was fixed.
  13. A point cloud import bug was fixed.
  14. Bolts sometimes caused slowness in the modeler; fixed.
  15. Exporting to Slide is now more robust.
  16. A Water Pressure Grid visibility bug was fixed.
  17. A Slide import bug was fixed.
  18. Some Column Viewer bugs were fixed.
  19. Show Excavated Geometry Only was not behaving as intended; fixed.

2017.017 – May 24 2018

  1. Added a new error code to make a distinction between the two cases of where the surface elevation is below a user-defined cut-off value or the surface elevation is below the external geometry.
  2. Weak planes are not considered infinite planes unless they are used in multi-planar search.
  3. Modified the criteria for material assignment at base of columns in presence of weak surfaces.
  4. Added a check to discard soil blocks with invalid material ids. Ideally, modeller should not output such blocks into the compute file.
  5. Several improvements have been made to memory usage and speed; see below for more details, and further improvements.
  6. Some geometry processing speed improvements were made.
  7. The visibility tree is now faster.
  8. A geometry file writing bug was fixed.
  9. The program sometimes crashed when creating new documents too quickly; fixed.
  10. Vertex, edge, and face selection is now faster.
  11. Some texture drawing bugs were fixed.
  12. Projects now consume less memory.
  13. Opening, saving, and closing projects is now faster.
  14. The Divide All Geometry operation is now more efficient.
  15. More operations are now allowed on pieces of the External volume.
  16. Entities were sometimes drawn with an incorrect selection state; fixed.
  17. There was a problem reading certain geometry in older files; fixed.
  18. The section tool was improved.
  19. A Project Settings bug was fixed.
  20. A slope limit surface bug was fixed.
  21. A Slide 2D import bug was fixed.
  22. A workflow tab switching bug was fixed.
  23. The column viewer is now more responsive.

2017.016 – April 17 2018

  1. Improved measure on closeness to anisotropic direction.
  2. Fix for anisotropic shear strength.
  3. Some geometry processing speed improvements were made.
  4. Imprinting is now more robust.
  5. A surface reconstruction bug was fixed.
  6. Opening files is now faster.
  7. The section tool was improved.
  8. The Slide 2D exported was improved.
  9. The Show All Surfaces window is now more responsive.
  10. A Groundwater Surface bug was fixed.

2017.015 – April 3 2018

  1. Polyline imprinting is now more robust.
  2. Updates to the 3D views are now faster.
  3. The selection state was sometimes incorrectly drawn in the 3D views. Fixed.
  4. A geometry import tool bug was fixed.
  5. A Sweep operation bug was fixed.
  6. Exporting Autodesk files is now more robust.
  7. Importing and exporting Slide models is more robust.

2017.014 – March 21 2018

  1. Fixed a bug regarding automatic extraction of external hull of input geometry. This would infrequently impact quality and location of surfaces generated by search methods in some models.
  2. Fixed a bug in interpreting flat surfaces of external geometry as infinite planes.
  3. Some surface entity bugs were fixed.
  4. Slide3 can now import Slide 2018 files.
  5. Anisotropic surfaces can now be exported to Slide.
  6. A material properties window bug was fixed.
  7. Some geometry import tool bugs were fixed.
  8. Rendering the 3D views is now faster.
  9. Some face, edge, and vertex selections bugs were fixed.
  10. A texture bug was fixed.
  11. The program now uses less RAM.
  12. Transparency can now be controlled without selecting any entities.
  13. Saving large files sometimes stopped the program; fixed.
  14. Several operations are now faster.
  15. DTM files can now be imported.

2017.013 – January 31 2018

  1. Fixed a bug in reading slope limits in engine.
  2. Removed compression from end anchored bolts.
  3. A Results data picker bug was fixed.
  4. Some Slide 7.0 import bugs were fixed.
  5. Setting a Slope Limit to Outside or Intersecting could cause the program to stop. Fixed.
  6. Opening certain files caused the program to stop. Fixed.
  7. The freehand manipulation tool is now more stable.
  8. A support pattern bug was fixed.
  9. The geometry import tool can now be resized more easily.

2017.012 – January 24 2018

  1. The geometry import tool now evaluates the quality of the imported geometry.
  2. The drawing guides were updated.
  3. Some Visibility pane bugs were fixed.
  4. Boolean operations can now be performed in more cases.
  5. The last saved location is now the same as the last open location.
  6. More entities can now be assigned the Construction Role.
  7. Polylines can now be attached to form longer polylines.
  8. Geometry creation and processing should now be faster.
  9. Extrusion and Sweeping now creates a closed volume by default, when possible.
  10. Primitive geometry creation windows now indicate when their parameters have changed.
  11. A Polyline Imprinting bug was fixed.
  12. The Project Summary window is now more appropriately sized.
  13. Geometry can now be copied without any history.
  14. A Contour drawing bug was fixed.
  15. The Generalized Anisotropic Failure Criterion is now available.
  16. Project Settings now contains a Force Failure Direction Trend.
  17. A Bolt Column Force rendering issue was fixed.
  18. The Excavation Role was removed.
  19. Contour surfaces should now draw in remote desktop or virtual machine environments.
  20. Some Tension Crack bugs were fixed.
  21. Tension Cracks - Create Automatically now has the option of "Maximum angle to sliding direction".
  22. Improved the algorithm to fit grid field used in discretizing slip surfaces into a set of columns.
  23. Modified weak layer option to automatically set it active in presence of any defined weak layers.
  24. Added angle option for tension cracks. Can now create a tension crack when a column base angle exceeds a user defined value.
  25. Tension crack surfaces now drawn with the failure surface in the Results area.
  26. Support that intersects a tension crack is now properly handled. Force is applied to the column.
  27. Geotextiles in compression is now handled.
  28. Multiple anisotropic directions for a single material better handled.
  29. Linear Critical Angle method added for anisotropic geogrids.

2017.011 – November 24 2017

  1. Got rid of experimental step in Surface Altering.
  2. Added geogrids with anisotropic strength.
  3. Modified the geogrid force computation to use the long length of the grid for pullout and stripping.
  4. Added an option to allow the user to remove geogrid compression as a mode of failure.
  5. Added extra checks to keep the NURBS fram above soil surface within SA.
  6. Added RU value in the Assign water to material dialog.
  7. Material dialog now disallows select None.
  8. Update used materials in the material property dialog.
  9. When importing generalized anisotropic material, surfaces are imported as well.
  10. Fixed a bug for Assign water to material dialog.
  11. Name change for copy property.
  12. Added Zero Strength in Compression check box in Geotextile bolt.
  13. Fixed a bug for importing generalized anisotropic material.
  14. Fixed small formatting error in Info Viewer.
  15. Fixed timing difference check for results comparison.
  16. Fixed material and bolt ordering when importing properties from another file.
  17. Import Slide3 properties from project file.
  18. A contour surface bug was fixed.
  19. Bolt patterns are now more robust.

2017.010 – October 20 2017

  1. Added anisotropic tensile strength for geogrids.
  2. Improved interpolation for pore pressure grids.
  3. Improved searching (SA, Cuckoo).
  4. Fix for force orientation for support.
  5. Fix for initial sliding direction and pore pressure.
  6. Focus point added.
  7. Fixed a small bug in intercolumn force computation.
  8. Added tangent plane focus.
  9. Added edge focus.
  10. Volume focus added.
  11. Improvements in the NURB computation for searching.
  12. Improved moment epsilon for symmetry computation.
  13. Improved conversion of GHB to shear normal for deep slopes.
  14. Fixed a bug in the number of column computation.
  15. Change to timing difference calculation in results comparison.
  16. Adding features to results comparison.
  17. Fixed a bug for not showing geotextile boundaries correctly.
  18. Group tree fix.
  19. Bug fix for deleting water surface previously assigned to material.
  20. Minor dialgo spacing fix.
  21. Restrain Slide3's boundary conditions not to be put on construction volumes.
  22. Bug fix for "Save As" not remembering the last folder location.
  23. Adding "perpendicular to support" to force orientation option for user-defined bolts/geotextiles.
  24. Fixed a crash when Slide is not installed and try to launch Slide after export.
  25. Improved geotextile selection performance.
  26. Changed the way geotextile bolts are delivered to Section viewer.
  27. Borehole setter in Project Settings corrected.
  28. Hide rotate tool button in viewport.
  29. Set horizontal ruler to be at bottom of viewport.
  30. Changed wording of profile center.
  31. Fix for Project Summary not working in RS3.
  32. Fix for borehole surface role error.
  33. Borehole updates: UI - text boxes, top/bottom surface correction, set top portion to construction role. Final construction volumes set to geology.
  34. Bug fix on partitioning the two sides of the imprinted path.
  35. Update liner results units.
  36. Fix interface jointing.
  37. Assign material by section dialog: added ability to change materials for current stage and all following stages.
  38. Specifying orientations is now more robust.
  39. Geodesic polylines now work better.
  40. Some finite element mesh file reading bugs were fixed.
  41. Some geometry creation and importing bugs were fixed.

2017.009 – September 26 2017

  1. Interface - Ability to add multiple geotextiles
  2. Interface - Ability to view multiplanar intersection
  3. Interface - multiplanar surface nodes now hide on file open
  4. Interface - better default offset for multiplanar search planes
  5. Interface - turn off search plane visibility by default
  6. Interface - Focus Search objects
  7. Interface - Minor textbox width fixes
  8. Interface - Help link for generalized anisotropic window
  9. Interface - Minor weak layer composite dialog fix
  10. Interface - Visibility tree list update
  11. Interface - selecting entity in 3D view now scrolls in visibility tree
  12. Interface - text output changes in info viewer
  13. Interface - slide section export bug fix (ru coefficient)
  14. Interface - Section viewer now views geotextile supports
  15. Interface - Bug fix for slope direction calculation (slide export)
  16. Interface - added hours to the compute time in the infoviewer. Fixed bug of files taking longer than 1 hour displaying incorrect times.
  17. Interface - Misc speed up fixes
  18. Interface - automatically hide no material geometry after a compute when switching to results tab
  19. Interface - Misc dialog display fixes
  20. Interface - improved performance of previewing a large number of geometry nodes as well as removing preview nodes.
  21. Interface - Section viewer can view bolt patterns
  22. Interface - Updating chart settings to display x, y min and max values and allow user to edit them
  23. Interface - fix for planeDefinitionWindow vector normalization.
  24. Interface - scaling and rotation windows now have limit on decimal places
  25. Compute - Enabled Surface Altering optimization for all user-defined surface types
  26. Compute - Focus search option added for spherical surface grid search
  27. Compute - Improvement on ponded water near vertical slopes
  28. Compute - Improved computation performance for composite surfaces with weak layers
  29. Compute - Improved nonlinear solver for spline surfaces
  30. Compute - Developed a more robust algorithm to extract boundary hull of external geometry
  31. Compute - Minor bug fix in intercolumn force computation for certain slip surfaces
  32. Compute - Added new error codes to identify geometrical defects in the error log

2017.008 – August 24 2017

  1. Improvements to searching.
  2. Bug fixes for crashing in engine.
  3. Added multi-planar searching.
  4. Unification with RS3 for certain UI properties.
  5. Updated Help.

2017.007 – June 21 2017

  1. Commercial Release.