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Program Updates


Program Updates

RSPile 2018 Update History

Version 2018 2.017 – May 28 2019 [Download]

  1. Fixed bug with only 1 pile in cap analysis.
  2. Fixed bug with slope angle for lateral sand soils.
  3. Pile head stiffness calculation did not take into account moment and/or rotation condition when only one direction is specified.
  4. Fixed units in K[x,x] pile head stiffness graphs.
  5. Added ground slope angle label in 3D view.
  6. Program now warns if possible non-convergence in results happens.
  7. Fixed orientation of certain plots in Excel.
  8. Data values are no longer truncated in user defined and typical section pile properties.
  9. For grouped analysis when a cap elevation was non zero, piles were computed at wrong elevation.
  10. Improved design validation for reinforced concrete piles.

Version 2018 2.016 – February 27 2019

  1. Engine wouldn’t compute file if water table coincides with pile’s embedded tip. Existing file with the problem needs to be re-saved.

Version 2018 2.015 – February 6 2019

  1. Fix for Nordlund calculation of capacity when there is a water table within the layer.
  2. Fix for Tomlinson ultimate capacity calculation when considering negative skin friction.
  3. Fix for Nordlund and Tomlinson plugging considerations for toe capacity.
  4. Added key calculation points to driven pile mesh to improve calculation of soft compressible soil and scour.
  5. Fix for running RSPile engine from Slide2.

Version 2018 2.014 – January 11 2019

  1. Fixed units for Soil Reaction and Soil Stiffness results to kN/m and lbs/ft.
  2. Labels for selecting moment of inertia axis for typical section is more clear now.
  3. Compute engine no longer crashes for files that have not been resaved when transferred without compute subfolder.

Version 2018 2.013 – December 5 2018

  1. Improved the stability when user-defined materials were used.
  2. Output the log file for pile in cap analysis.
  3. Fixed bugs related to reading v1 files: groundwater level, import of material properties after first for Axial analysis was broken in 2.008 update.

Version 2018 2.012 – November 20 2018

  1. For Slide 2018 integration, RSPile files using axial capacity was setting the capacity to zero for Slide. Now the proper axial capacity is being computed. This bug was introduced in 2.011.

Version 2018 2.011 – October 15 2018

  1. Minor fix for Slide integration and obtaining data at sliding depth.
  2. Fix for pile type dropdown not changing pile type.
  3. Fix for piles with top elevation above or below ground surface (in Driven mode).
  4. Updates to graph text and soil layer drawing.
  5. Updates to Save As HTML option.
  6. Fix for Depth of Top of Pile (Driven mode).

Version 2018 2.010 – September 27 2018

  1. Results section in Info Viewer was accidentally removed in one of previous updates. Fixed.
  2. Slide integration improvements and fixes.
  3. Terminology and conventions changes: Axial Force input variable is renamed to Force Z and is positive when in Z direction (up). Axial Displacement result variable is now Displacement Z (positive in Z direction).
  4. Fix for conversion issue in pile dialog Concrete Designer.
  5. Soil data updates to Infoviewer.

Version 2018 2.009 – July 17 2018

  1. Layers of zero thickness in soil profile could cause the engine to crash. Fixed.
  2. Slide integration improvements and fixes.
  3. Tooltip added for pile cap.
  4. Driven groundwater display updated.
  5. Graphical output improvements.
  6. Added ability to edit pile properties in Group mode.
  7. Interpolation of ground surface improved.
  8. Updates to Infoviewer display of soil data.
  9. Fix for SPT end bearing value bug in material properties dialog.
  10. Removed strain factor from silt material (lateral analysis). Wasn't being used.
  11. Update to Driven piles with pile top elevation below ground surface.

Version 2018 2.008 – June 5 2018

  1. Soil unit weight wasn't being brought in from v1 files. Fixed.
  2. Fixed importing of soils with the same name during v1 import.
  3. Bug fix for interpolation of soil material properties.
  4. Fix for Driven calculation depth output.
  5. Added missing column to displacement table in Info Viewer.
  6. Improved the speed, particularly with Slide integration.
  7. p-y curves now output correctly for all materials.
  8. Layers of zero thickness in soil profile could cause the engine to crash. Fixed.

Version 2018 2.007 – May 11 2018

  1. Improvements to Slide 2018 integration.

Version 2018 2.006 – May 8 2018

  1. Commercial release.

Version 2018 2.004, Beta 2 – April 17 2018

  1. Improvements and fixes to Group analysis including group effect coefficients, cap designer improvements.
  2. Slide2 2018 integration.
  3. Ultimate capacity calculation.
  4. Plotting p-y curves.
  5. Results are no longer reset when viewing/saving model or adding annotation tools.
  6. Many other improvements and fixes.

Version 2018 2.003 – March 29 2018

  1. Beta 1 release.
RSPile v1.0 Update History

Version 1.007 – August 24 2017 [Download]

  1. Can now turn off high dpi setting in the technical support dialog accessed through the Help menu.

Version 1.006 – July 11 2017

  1. Now supports high dpi graphics cards.
  2. Fix crash when mouse is over Recent File menu item and recent documents history is disabled with group policy.
  3. Added Windows 10 detection to tech support dialog.

Version 1.005 – May 16 2017

  1. In Driven mode, improved computation engine to better handle complex soil stratigraphy with scour and soft compressible soil. Fixed handling of H-Pile calculations. Fixed soil layer numbering in InfoViewer.
  2. In Axial mode, changed end bearing values to be inputted in force per area units. Improved elastic soil model to handle plug conditions assuming infinite strength.
  3. In Lateral mode, minor bug fixes and improvements to computation engine.
  4. Fixed print output to generate correct number of pages.

Version 1.004 – August 17 2016

  1. The system default browser now opens the Help.
  2. Fixed plastic material pile issue.
  3. Fixed issue with tapered piles.
  4. Fixed file writing issues.
  5. Fixed some url issues in the Help menu.

Version 1.003 – January 21 2016

  1. The user can define a pile Length Above Ground. Thus, the Embedment Length has been changed to a total Pile Length.
  2. New User Defined Pile Section added to the pile dialog
  3. Standard AISC Sections updated with section depth, max moment of inertia and min moment of inertia
  4. For Standard AISC Sections, user can specify to use the strong or weak axis for laterally loaded piles analysis (Lateral Mode)
  5. For analyzing the axial capacity of driven piles (Driven Mode), the user can analyze tapered pile sections
  6. In Driven Mode, the pile segment discretization has been updated to evenly space calculation nodes based on the total number of pile segments specified
  7. Minor bug fixes and improvements

Version 1.002 – December 11 2015

  1. Commercial release.