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Program Updates

CPillar Program Updates


Program Updates

CPillar Program Updates

CPillar Maintenance+ Update History

Version 5.004 - May 18 2021 [Download]

  1. NEW Added a warning message when opening a file version newer than the program version. The user has the option to proceed or abort loading the file. No results from newer file versions are read.
  2. CHANGED Updated Technical Support dialog to replace email link with link to support form. Added System Information for Display resolution and scaling.
  3. CHANGED Updated splash screen.
  4. CHANGED Modified Distribution quick stats popup dialog for Probabilistic Analysis to include OK, Cancel, and Close buttons.
  5. FIXED Fix to truncated normal distribution in case of very large relative min or max for a probabilistic analysis.

Version 5.003 - January 20 2020 [Download]

  1. Fixed bug with display of polygonal pillar dimensions.
  2. Fixed bug with display of water for polygonal pillar with non-vertical abutments.

Version 5.002 - January 11 2020 [Download]

  1. Ensure saving to current CPillar file extension when opening and saving an old CPillar file.
  2. Bug fixes and minor UI changes to Sidebar.
  3. Changed default strength type to Mohr-Coulomb.
  4. Updated splash screen.

Version 5.001 - December 5 2019 [Download]

  1. Maintenance+ version released.
CPillar v4.0 Update History

Version 4.006 - August 24 2017 [Download]

  1. Can now turn off high dpi setting in the technical support dialog accessed through the Help menu.

Version 4.005 - July 11 2017

  1. Now supports high dpi graphics cards.
  2. Fix crash when mouse is over Recent File menu item and recent documents history is disabled with group policy.
  3. Added Windows 10 detection to tech support dialog.

Version 4.004 - September 4 2015

  1. The empirical design chart (Carter 2014) now includes the shallow dip direction.
  2. The empirical design parameters are now saved to the file and when you leave the dialog.
  3. An improved method for computing the minimum and maximum scaled span for the empirical design method has been added.

Version 4.003 – August 2015

  1. Beta release.

Not Sure which Version to Download?

Not Sure which Version to Download?

How can I find my Maintenance+ expiry date?
Option 1
  1. In your program select Help > Technical Support
  2. At the bottom of the window you will see Maintenance Expiry: YYYY-MM-DD
  3. This is your expiry date. Enter this date above.
Option 2
  1. Upon launching the program, you received this error message:
    "This product requires maintenance to be valid through AAAA/BB/CC. Maintenance on the key ended on YYYY/MM/DD."
  2. This is your expiry date. Enter this date above.

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