Settle3D 2.0

Analysis of consolidation and settlement under foundations, embankments and surface loads.

Settle3D 2.0 includes three additional empirical methods:

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Load Geometry
Load, q: kPa
Depth, D: m
Lengh, L: m
Width, B: m
Water table depth, d: m
Time: years



Thickness (m)

qc (kPa) γmoist (kN/m3) γsat (kN/m3)

plus Add Layer minus Subtract layer


Settlement =
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This application calculates settlement of a footing placed on a cohesionless material (sand) using the Schmertmann method (Schmertmann, 1970, Schmertmann et al, 1978).


  • Units:
    • kPa: This gives stress in kPa (kilopascals), length in m (meters) and settlement in cm (centimeters)
    • ksf: This gives stress in ksf (1000 pounds per square foot), length in feet and settlement in inches
    • tsf: This gives stress in tsf (tons per square foot), length in feet and settlement in inches
  • Layers:
    • Thickness: This is the thickness of each layer starting from the surface, not from the bottom of the footing.
    • qc: This is the cone tip bearing resistance from a Cone Penetration Test.
    • Es: This is the one-dimensional modulus used in the settlement calculation. You may choose to enter this directly. Otherwise, it will be calculated from qc (see below)
    • γmoist: Unit weight of soil above the water table.
    • γsat: Unit weight of soil above below the water table (saturated).
  • Options:
    • Use Es: By default, you must enter qc for each layer and the program converts to the one-dimensional modulus Es (as shown here). By choosing this option, you may enter Es directly.
    • Use modified Schmertmann (1978): In Schmertmann et al (1978), more accurate equations were derived for the strain profile and for converting qc to Es
    • Subdivide layers: The accuracy of results improves as more layers are entered. Select this option and the program will automatically divide up your soil layers to ensure a good discretization

Settlement Calculation

Details of the settlement calculation can be found here.