Settle3D Applications


Settle<sup>3D</sup> Embankment Applications

Settle3D is a settlement and consolidation program used to determine vertical settlement and time-dependent consolidation of soils underneath embankments, foundations, earth dams and surface loads.

See each of the listings below for more details:

Tutorial 3 will demonstrate the use of staging, time-dependent consolidation and multiple materials in Settle3D. The model represents a water filled storage tank constructed on an embankment on layered soil.
Tutorial 8 illustrates the advanced embankment staging capabilities in Settle3D. An embankment will be constructed in several stages and then extended in width, before being gradually removed.
Tutorial 4 demonstrates how to simulate the construction of an embankment on soft clay using Settle3D. An array of wick drains is used to speed the time to consolidation.

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