RS2 Features


RS2 offers a wide variety of support modeling options:

RS2 offers state-of-the-art bolt modeling capabilities for both rock and soil applications. The following bolt types can be modeled::
  • End Anchored (e.g. rock bolts)
  • Fully Bonded (e.g. soil nails)
  • Plain Strand Cable
  • Swellex / Split Set
  • Tieback
Liner support in RS2 is multi-purpose, and can be used to model a wide variety of geotechnical support types:
  • Simple liners (e.g. a single layer of shotcrete)
  • Composite Liners (e.g. liners consisting of multiple layers of material)
  • Pile walls (e.g. a structural beam element with a joint on both sides)
  • Geosynthetic support such as geogrids and geotextiles
  • Reinforced concrete
  • Cable Truss
  • Struts

Liners may consist of beam elements which can resist axial, bending and shear forces, or truss elements which only possess axial properties. In all cases, the basic support properties of the liner are entered in the Define Liner Properties dialog.
Reinforced Liners
The reinforced concrete liner type greatly simplifies the task of modeling composite two-component liner systems such as reinforced concrete, or steel sets and shotcrete.
Piles and Geosynthetics
The Structural Interface option in RS2 allows you to model support which has a sliding interface (joint) on BOTH sides of the support element. This can be used to model:
  • Pile walls
  • Geosynthetics (e.g. geogrids, geotextiles, etc.)
  • Other support types with a sliding interface on both sides

Schematically, a Structural Interface consists of a support element sandwiched in-between two joint elements.

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