RS2 Features


RS2 has a variety of methods for modeling groundwater:

  • Finite Element Seepage Analysis
  • Piezometric Lines
  • Water Pressure Grid
  • Ru Values

The Groundwater Method is selected in the Project Settings dialog.

Finite Element Seepage Analysis
If the Groundwater Method = Finite Element Analysis, then you can perform a steady-state, saturated-unsaturated finite element groundwater seepage analysis withRS2. The seepage analysis is fully integrated with the stress analysis. The pore pressure distribution and other quantities such as flow rate, hydraulic gradient and discharge velocity are calculated.
Piezometric Lines
Groundwater pore pressure can be modeled using Piezometric Lines. Just set the Groundwater Method = Piezometric Lines in the Project Settings dialog, and use the Add Piezometric Line option to define the piezo line coordinates. Multiple piezo lines can be defined, and assigned to different materials or different stages.
Water Pressure Grid
Groundwater pore pressure can be modeled by a grid of values at x-y coordinates. This allows you to import field measurements or the output from a seepage analysis program. The data can be in the form of Total Head, Pressure Head or Pore Pressure, according to the setting of the Groundwater Method in Project Settings. The data can be entered in a spreadsheet or imported from various file formats (e.g. comma, tab or space delimited text files, pwp files, Slide groundwater files).

Multiple water pressure grids can be defined, and assigned to different materials or different stages. Using the data at the grid points, RS2will calculate the pore pressure at each node of the finite element mesh, using one of several different interpolation methods which are available.
Ru Values
Pore pressure for a material can also be defined by an Ru value. The Ru option simply models pore pressure as a fraction of the vertical earth pressure. To enable the Ru option:
  • Groundwater Method = Piezometric Lines (in Project Settings)
  • Piezo to Use = None (in Define Hydraulic Properties)

You will then be able to enter an Ru value for the material.

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