RS2 Features

Dynamic Analysis

A significant addition to RS2 in version 9.0 is the ability to run dynamic simulations of soil models. This will allow users to model several dynamic loading conditions, such as earthquakes, blast, and machine loading scenarios.

In addition to the original line, point, and distributed loads, RS2 will allow users to define loads that vary over time. These loads may be applied as nodal forces or prescribed motion that constrains the nodes to adhere to a displacement, velocity, or acceleration curve in the x, y, or normal direction.

A time-dependent load function may be entered manually, or users can import the data from a text file that contains two columns of data corresponding to the time and load values.

In addition to these dynamic loads RS2 provides a number of boundary conditions that are specific to dynamic analyses. These dynamic boundary conditions allow the user to absorb incoming pressure and shear waves, transmit motion into the model, and insert user-defined dashpot dampers and nodal masses to the system.

For more information, see the Dynamic Analysis article from the Fall 2014 RocNews issue.

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