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RS<sup>2</sup> Settlement Applications

RS2 can be used to analyze stresses, displacement, and settlement beneath embankments, foundations, earth dams, and surface loads. With the coupled fluid-solid analysis option, consolidation settlement can also be calculated.

See each of the listings below for more details:

In this example, RS2 is used to model a ramp embankment. The fill is supported by precast concrete liners and reinforced with geotextiles. Loading is applied to the road surface in the final stage and displacements are examined.

For details see RS2 Tutorial #14:
RS2 Tutorial # 14 – Geotextile Reinforced Ramp
To determine the bearing capacity of clayey strata a multi-stage RS2 model is prepared in which the load stress over the footing is increased gradually until failure. Maximum displacement is recorded for each load stress value, and a graph is plotted between the stress and displacement values for each case. The symmetry of the problem is used while preparing the RS2 model.

For details see Verification Problem #24 in the RS2 Stress Analysis Verification manual (Part 1):
RS2 Stress Analysis Verification Manual (Part 1) - Verification Problem #24
This example demonstrates the use of RS2 to verify the classical Prandtl bearing capacity solution. The shear strength reduction (SSR) method is used to determine the safety factor.

For details see Verification Problem #21 in the RS2 Slope Stability Verification manual (Part 1):
RS2 Slope Stability Verification Manual (Part 1) - Verification Problem #21
RS2 features Biot theory for coupled solid-fluid analysis. Users can examine excess pore water pressure dissipation with time, and analyze consolidation problems such as embankment settlement. The new RS2 coupled consolidation analysis can be conducted for drained, undrained, and fully drained conditions.

For more information see the Consolidation article from the Fall 2014 RocNews.

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