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Winter 2018: Prepare yourself for a great 2019!

2018 has been a great year and we are working to ensure that the coming year is even better. This issue of RocNews gives you a peak into a bunch of exciting product and feature releases; and upcoming workshops that are lined up for you in 2019.
Gear up for a new Slide3! - Check out the features
Our engineers are hard at work on the new Slide3 and the beta release is just around the corner. 
Slide3 is now more robust with powerful new features including more complex geometric operations, integration of sensor deformation data and AR model interaction via Microsoft HoloLens.

Click below to get more details and to sign up for the beta version.
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More interesting reads

Soil Constitutive models in RS2

RS2 now has a comprehensive array of constitutive models specifically for soils. This article details how the Hardening Soil model in RS2 is used in a simulation of a deep excavation in Berlin, Germany. Read on to find the results.

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Wick Drain & Vacuum Consolidation

Now model wick drains with or without vacuum for soil consolidation in RS2. Read on to know how their addition accelerates the rate of soil consolidation.

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Latest Launch: The new powerful RS2, with rich & comprehensive features.
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The new RS2 features the addition of numerous Advanced Material Models and seamlessly integrates with Slide2. Watch the video to learn more about the new and enhanced RS2!


San Fransisco, USA: February 4 - 5

Mexico City, Mexico: February 21 - 22

Bogota, Colombia: February 25 - 26 

Toronto, Canada:May 29 - 31

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