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A new feature in Dips, 2D & 3D Piled Raft Foundation Analysis and more

APRIL 2021

New and Fast - The Dips Import Wizard

Dips is one of the most popular stereographic projection tools in the world, designed for the interactive analysis of orientation-based geological data. This month, Dips is getting a speedy new feature - the Dips Import Wizard that will allow users to quickly and easily extract almost any form of columnized Excel data and import them under the corresponding Dips column headers in Traverse Information and Grid Data.

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RocFall Analysis: Part of a Safe Mine Re-entry Plan

This case study demonstrates how RocFall provided valuable insights into two past slope failures that occurred in an open-pit mine in Alberta, Canada, and how it was used to model scenarios leading to safe and reliable barrier design.

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Piled Raft Foundation Analysis in 2D and 3D

A common use for deep foundation piles in geomechanics is to increase foundation stability and the bearing capacity of structural systems. This article showcases the advantages and differences between 2D and 3D analyses conducted in RS2 and RS3 respectively.

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Dips was initially known as ‘StdPlot’. It was later Dips - an acronym for Data Interpretation using Projected Stereonets.

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