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We'd love to get your feedback on the workshop presented by Dr. Sina Javankhoshdel in Fernie on July 9th-11th, 2019. Thank you!

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Day 1

Module I – Limit Equilibrium Methods for Slope Stability Analysis (Slide2 and Slide3)
Module II – Slope Stability Analysis for 2D and 3D Problems (Slide2 and Slide3)
Module III – Selection of Analysis Methods (Slide2 and Slide3)

Day 2

Module IV – Material Models for Geotechnical Models (Slide2, Slide3, RS2, RS3)
Module V – Probabilistic & Sensitivity Analysis (Slide2)
Module VI – Groundwater Analysis (Slide2, RS2, RS3)
Module VII – Introduction to Finite Element Method (RS2, RS3)

Day 3

Module VIII – Slope Stability Analysis using Shear Strength Reduction (RS2 and RS3)
Module IX – Geometry Creation Clean up (Slide3 and RS3)
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