Our project Gallery contains helpful models from actual rock and soil projects, created by engineers, many using Rocscience software, which have been featured in the Top Projects section of RocNews. We'd love to showcase your project in our Gallery. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you'd like us to highlight your project.

List of Projects

Power Cavern Design & Back Analysis Using Phase2
Summary of the published paper, The Use of Geotechnical Instrumentation to Monitor Ground Displacements During Excavation of the Ingula Power Caverns for Model Calibration and Design Verification Purposes, authors M. Kellaway, D. Taylor, and G.J. Keyter of Braamhoek Consultants Joint Venture. The article was published in The Southern African Institue of Mining and Metallurgy, South African Tunneling 2012, Lessons Learnt on Major Projects.

UCLA Students Write Proposal
Prof. Pradel at UCLA has for the last five years integrated software modelling using Slide and Phase2 into his course. Read about a top student project.

Open Pit Slope Stability Design Using Surpac and Slide: How SNC Lavalin Put Technology to Work For Them
On a recent project, SNC Lavalin decided that the best tools were two software packages, Surpac and Slide.

Hydroconsolidation in Settle3D
Fugro West presents a hydroconsolidation case history, a common problem in Southern California.

Boggo Road Busway Tunnel
A SKM case study on The Boggo Road Busway Project, Brisbane, Australia, using Rocscience software.

Squeezing in Yacambu-Quibor Tunnel
Dr. Evert Hoek presents the Yacambu-Quibor tunnel project in Venezuela. After 32 years, they finally break through.

New Rock Fracture Dynamics Lab
Dave Collins and Paul Young at the University of Toronto aim to revolutionize research in engineering geoscience.

Students and Geological Uncertainty
Students at UBC use Rocscience software in their geotechnical design projects, tackling geotechnical uncertainty.

Post-Peak Rock Mass Properties
Estimation of post-peak rock mass properties through numerical back analysis, calibrated with in-situ instrumentation data.

Ground Deformations Shallow Tunnel
Numerical back-analysis suggests mechanism of surface deformation patterns above a large shallow tunnel excavated using jet grouting.

Rockfall Risk Evaluation
High Angle Technologies shares their approach to Rockfall Risk Evaluation, Upper Stillwater Dam Project, Utah.

Analysis of an Anchor Block
Dr. Hoek defines the parameters of an anchor block problem for a suspension bridge, using software and tests.

What is Virtual Reality (VR)?
The power of VR at MIRARCO lies in the ability to visualize information, so the engineers make decisions based on what is seen.

Validation of Cable Bolt Support
Using SMART instruments and Phase2, MDT used new technologies to stabilize a shallow underground mining operation in weak rock.

Slope Stability Analysis for Open Pits
Read about the common methods used by Golder to design and analyze components of the open pit wall design process.

Solving a Slope Stability Problem
Snowden Engineers used Slide to resolve uncertainties regarding a slope failure in the lake clay sediments in Western Australia.

Geotechnical Design Project at UA
Using Phase2, University of Alberta students in Dr. Martin's CIV E 591 course explored many aspects of tunnel design.

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