An exclusive lecture series on Rock Mechanics Engineering

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Video Lecture Series

Video Lecture


Explore six exclusive video lectures covering a variety of topics in Rock Mechanics Engineering.

The Development of Rock Engineering
April 2014 Provides a brief history of the field of rock engineering, with a look at a number of interesting case studies and examples. (35 mins)
The Art of Tunneling in Rock
January 2015 Tunneling in rock presents some special challenges to the geotechnical engineer. In this lecture, Dr. Evert Hoek outlines a few interesting case studies of tunneling around the world. (35 mins)
Intact Rock Sampling and Testing
March 2016 Intact rock is the basic building block of rock masses that we use as engineering materials. This lecture deals with the collection, preparation and testing of intact rock to establish the properties that we need as input in the estimation of rock mass properties.
Rock Mass Properties
March 2016 Rock masses consist of intact rock pieces separated by tightly interlocking discontinuities. This lecture looks at the data collection and in situ testing required for the estimation of rock mass properties and for the confirmation of the validity of these estimates.
Rock Slope Engineering
June 2016 Rock slope engineering involves the assessment of the risk of instability, the consequences of failure and remedial measures that can be taken in stabilizing rock slopes. Rockfalls pose different kinds of risks and these are also discussed briefly.
Large Underground Excavated Caverns
June 2016 The stability of large excavated caverns for underground powerhouses, metro stations and other facilities require careful design as well as precisely sequenced excavation and support installation. The most significant steps in the design and construction process are discussed in this lecture.