Slide Verification Examples

The Slide Verification examples represent an extensive set of models, from many different sources, which have been used to verify the accuracy of the solutions computed by Slide. Slope stability and groundwater seepage analysis examples are documented.

The verification examples are found in the following PDF documents. Click the links to view the documents, which can be printed.

Slope Stability Verification

Manuals (PDF Files)


Slope Stability Verification Manual

Slope stability verification examples #1 - #102

Slope Stability Verification - Index by File

Index summary by file

Slope Stability Verification - hand calculation (zip file)

Slide results compared with hand calculation

Slope Stability Verification (Sarma Method)

Slope stability using the Sarma analysis method

Groundwater Verification

Manuals (PDF Files)


Groundwater Verification Manual

Groundwater verification examples #1 - #21