Show Coordinates

The Show Coordinates option can be used to display the x,y vertex coordinates of any or all of the modeling entities used to define a Slide model. To use Show Coordinates:

  1. Select Show Coordinates in the View menu.

  2. In the Show Coordinates dialog, you will see a list of the currently defined modeling entities, which exist in your Slide model. Only entities which are currently part of the model, will appear in the list.

  3. To show or hide the coordinate display, for ALL entities of your model:

  1. If you only want to show (or hide) the coordinate display for individual TYPES of entities, then you can use the checkboxes in the list of entity types. For example: if you only want to see the x,y coordinates of the Water Table, then ONLY select the Water Table checkbox.

TIP: you can use the Show All or Clear All buttons, to first select all or clear all checkboxes, and then customize the display by clearing or selecting individual checkboxes.

  1. GRAPHICAL SELECTION: for the maximum degree of flexibility in displaying coordinates, while the Show Coordinates dialog is active, you can use the mouse to graphically click on individual entities on the screen, to show or hide the coordinate display for individual entities. (This is indicated in the text tip in the dialog). For example:

  1. Additional coordinate display options are available, by selecting the More button in the dialog. See below for details.

  2. When you are finished with the dialog, select the Close button, or the X in the upper right corner of the dialog.

Coordinate Display Options

If you select the More button in the Show Coordinates dialog, the following Coordinate Format options will be available, for customizing the coordinate display:


Coordinates on Selected Vertices

The Coordinates on Selected Vertices option has the following purpose:

You can use this option if you find it useful to display coordinates while editing.