Display Options

In the Slide Model program, the Display Options dialog in the View menu allows the user to toggle on or off the following display options.

Scale Display Items on Zoom

If this checkbox is selected, then certain model display entities (e.g. Slope Limits symbols, Line Load or Distributed Load arrows), will change size according to the zooming of the view. If this checkbox is NOT selected, then these display entities will always appear the same size on the screen, regardless of the zooming of the view.

Grid Points

Show or hide the grid points in a slip center grid.

Water Pressure Grid Values

Show or hide the water pressure values at Water Pressure Grid points.

If you are performing a groundwater analysis, and the Analysis Mode = Groundwater, then the Display Options dialog will allow you to customize the display of the finite element mesh and boundary conditions. Display options which are related only to the slope stability analysis, will NOT be available in the Display Options dialog, when the Analysis Mode = Groundwater.

NOTE: Display Options is also available in the default right-click menu.