Data Tips

In the Slide Model program, Data Tips allow you to quickly access information about model input parameters, by simply hovering the mouse over the desired model entities or locations. This includes the following information:

In general, it is suggested that the user experiment with placing the cursor over various model and view elements, while in Data Tips mode, to discover what information is available for the various model and view elements.

By default, the Data Tips display mode is OFF (i.e. data tips are not displayed). To enable Data Tips, select the desired option from the status bar at the bottom of the application window, or the Data Tips sub-menu in the View menu. The following options are available.

Data Tips Max

The Data Tips Max option will provide the maximum amount of information about the desired entities. For example, when the mouse is hovered over any material region, a complete list of material properties for that material will appear. This also applies to support properties (e.g. hover the mouse over a support element to obtain support properties).

Data Tips Min

The Data Tips Min option will provide a minimal amount of information, for example, material names, etc.

Data Tips Off

Since you will not always want Data Tips to be in effect, you may turn off the Data Tips display by selecting Data Tips Off. This is the default setting for Data Tips.