Right-Click Shortcuts

Right Click Editing

A very useful feature in Slide is the right click editing capability. Most editing operations in Slide can be accessed through right click shortcuts, by right clicking the mouse directly on modeling entities. A popup context menu will appear, with appropriate editing options for the clicked on entity.

For example, the following editing options are available through the right click.



boundary line segment

Move Boundary, Delete Boundary

boundary vertex

Move Vertex options, Delete Vertex


Move, Delete, Define Properties, Assign Properties

support pattern

Modify Pattern

tension crack boundary

Move, Delete, Tension Crack Properties

slip center grid

Move, Delete, Modify Grid Spacing

click IN material zone

Define Properties, Assign Properties

slope limits

Move Limits, Define Limits, Reset


Modify Load, Delete Load

seismic icon

Modify Seismic Load

boundary line segment (groundwater mode)

Assign Boundary Conditions

The above list is not exhaustive. The user is encouraged to experiment, by right clicking on any modeling or view entity on the screen, to see what options are available. Once you become familiar with the right click editing options, they will become frequently used shortcuts for many different editing options.

Other Right Click Shortcuts

Whenever you are using the mouse in Slide for any graphical option, the right mouse button will always bring up a context menu with option(s) appropriate to the action being performed.

For example:

Default Right Click Menu

When no specific action is being performed, if you click anywhere on the background of the view (NOT on any model entity) the default right-click menu makes available various options, such as:

Zoom All

Zoom In

Zoom Out

Zoom Window


Project Settings

Surface Options

Display Options

The default right click menu will vary depending on the Analysis Mode (Slope Stability or Groundwater).