Keyboard Shortcuts

The following keyboard shortcuts are available:

Zoom All      F2 function key

Zoom In     F5 function key OR Home key

Zoom Out      F4 function key OR End key

Pan Left     left arrow

Pan right     right arrow

Pan up      up arrow

Pan down     down arrow

Pan toggle     F10 function key

Grid toggle     F7 function key

Snap toggle     F9 function key

Ortho Snap toggle    F8 function key

Osnap toggle     F3 function key

Keyboard shortcut combinations, using the Ctrl key, are also available for various menu options. The shortcuts are indicated in the menu, beside the menu option (e.g. Ctrl-C for Copy, Ctrl-Z for Undo etc.)

Custom Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts can also be customized by the user, see the Custom Keyboard Shortcuts topic.