Slope Search

A Slope Search is one of the Search Methods available in Slide for locating the Global Minimum safety factor for CIRCULAR slip surfaces. In order to perform a Slope Search, the Surface Options dialog must be configured as follows:

How Does the Slope Search Work?

The Slope Search method in Slide allows you to define the search by defining areas of the slope which will be used to generate slip circles. This is done with the Slope Limits option.

  1. The Slope Limits are used to randomly generate TWO points on the slope, which define the starting and ending points of the slip surface on the slope.

  2. In order to define a slip circle, THREE points are needed. The third point for each slip circle is generated using the Initial Angle at Toe.

  3. NOTE: the Slope Search method in Slide (for circular surfaces), is very similar to the Path Search method in Slide (for non-circular surfaces). In the Slope Search method, the surfaces which are generated are constrained to be circular, whereas in the Path Search the resulting surfaces are irregular and non-circular.

For more information on how the Slope Search is used to generate surfaces, please see the Path Search topic, as the basic methodology is very similar.

Slope Search Options

For information about the following Slope Search options:

please see the Grid Search topic, as the details are the same.

Using a Focus Object with the Slope Search

With the Slope Search method, you are allowed to define a Focus Object in order to focus the search to a particular area within the slope. NOTE:

Surface Filter

See the Surface Options topic for details about the Minimum Elevation, Minimum Depth, Minimum Area, Minimum Weight slip surface filter options.