Move Slope Limits

You can customize the Slope Limits at any time with the Move Limits or Define Limits options. Changing the Slope Limits allows you to narrow or modify the allowable locations of slip surfaces, when a slip surface search is being performed. For a definition of the Slope Limits in Slide see the Overview of Slope Limits topic.

NOTE: the Define Limits option allows you to enter exact values for the Slope Limits. The Move Limits option allows you to modify the Slope Limits graphically, as described below.

To change the Slope Limits with the Move Limits option:

  1. Select Move Limits from the toolbar, the Slope Limits sub-menu of the Surfaces menu, or you can right click on any Slope Limits marker and select Move Limits from the popup menu.

  2. Click AND HOLD the left mouse button, on a Slope Limit marker that you would like to move. Drag the Limit to a new location, and release the mouse button. NOTE:

  1. Repeat step 2 for each Slope Limit that you wish to move.

  2. When you are finished, right click the mouse and select Done, or press Escape.

Slope Limits on Vertical Boundaries

In the Define Slope Limits dialog, the position of the Slope Limits is specified by X-coordinates only. However, it is sometimes necessary to specify the position of a Slope Limit on a VERTICAL boundary.

Since only X-coordinates are allowed in the Define Slope Limits dialog, vertical positioning CANNOT be specified in the dialog. If you need to position a Slope Limit on a vertical boundary, you must do this graphically, with the Move Limits option.

Right Click Shortcut

If you right click on any Slope Limits marker, a popup menu will appear, with shortcuts to the Define Limits, Move Limits and Reset options. You may find this a useful shortcut for modifying or resetting the slope limits.