Focus Point

The Focus Point option allows you to define a single point within the soil region as a slip surface Focus Object. To create a Focus Point:

  1. Select Add Focus Point from the toolbar (or select Add Point from the Focus Search sub-menu in the Surfaces menu).

  2. You will be prompted to enter the Focus Point. Enter the point graphically with the mouse, or enter x,y coordinates in the prompt line.

  3. The Focus Point will be added to the model.

An example of a Focus Point, and the resulting analysis, showing all generated slip circles, is illustrated in the figures below.

Example of Focus Point used with Grid Search

image\focus3x.gif image\focus3xxx.gif

Note that the Radius Increment is NOT APPLICABLE when using the Focus Point option, since only ONE circle, passing through the Focus Point, is generated for each grid slip center.

TIP: if you want to force all slip circles to pass through the toe of a slope, then use the Focus Point option to add a Focus Point at the toe of the slope.