Support Overview

Various types of slope reinforcement can be modeled in Slide, including:

To include support in a Slide model:

Adding Support

Support is added to a model with the Add Support or Add Support Pattern options. This defines the length and location of the support.

Defining Support Properties

Support properties are defined with the Define Support option. See the Define Support topic for information about how each type of support is defined and implemented in Slide.

NOTE: make sure that you read the Overview of Support Implementation topic, for important information which applies to all support models in Slide.

Assigning Support Properties

If more than one support type is used in a given model, then it will also be necessary to assign properties to the different support elements of your model, using the Assign Properties option.

Back Analysis of Support Force

In addition to the direct modeling of support, a back analysis of required support force to achieve a specified factor of safety can be calculated. See the Back Analysis of Support Force topic for details.