The RSPile support type in Slide works in conjunction with the Rocscience pile analysis program RSPile.

For a detailed example see Tutorial 30 - Analyzing Pile Resistance using RSPile. For information about RSPile click here.

RSPile File

If you have already defined properties and saved an RSPile file, then you can read in this file by selecting the Choose file option.

If you are defining a new RSPile file, then select the Run the RSPile Utility option, to enter the pile and soil properties and save the file.

For more information see the Import RSPile into Slide Summary.

Out of Plane Spacing

The spacing between piles in the out-of-plane direction (i.e. along the slope).

Resistance Type

You may choose Axial, Lateral or Axial and Lateral.

Soil Displacement

The Soil Displacement is the allowable soil displacement along a slip surface at the point of intersection with a pile.

Force Application

For RSPile support, the default method of Force Application = Active. See the Force Application topic for a discussion of the significance of Active and Passive support force application in Slide.

Force Orientation

For RSPile support, the orientation of the applied support force depends on the Resistance type.