Modify Support Pattern

If you have added a pattern of support with the Add Support Pattern option, then you can modify the properties of the pattern with the Modify Support Pattern option.

NOTE: you CANNOT modify the LOCATION of a support pattern, after it has been added to a model. If you need to change the location of a support pattern, you will have to add a new pattern (and delete the old one, if necessary).

To modify a support pattern:

  1. Select Modify Support Pattern from the Support menu.

  2. Use the mouse to select a support pattern that you wish to modify. NOTE: you may only select ONE support pattern at a time, to modify.

  3. Right click the mouse and select Done Selection, or press Enter.

  4. You will see the Modify Support Pattern dialog, displaying the orientation, length and spacing parameters which define the pattern.

  5. In the dialog, enter the new parameters. You can use the Flip angle 180 degrees option, if you need to reverse the direction of the pattern (see below for details). You can select Apply to view the changes without closing the dialog.

  6. Select OK when the desired parameters have been entered. The pattern will be modified according to the new parameters you have entered.

Flip angle 180 degrees

After adding a support pattern, the orientation of the pattern may sometimes be opposite from the intended direction (i.e. 180 degrees off). For example, if you have used the Normal to Boundary or Horizontal orientation options, the default orientation chosen by Slide may be opposite to the intended direction. If this occurs, you can use the Modify Support Pattern option, and select the Flip angle 180 degrees checkbox in the Modify Support Pattern dialog (Step 5). The pattern orientation will then be reversed by 180 degrees.

Right Click Shortcut

The Modify Support Pattern option is also available as a convenient right click shortcut. To do this: