Assign Support

If your Slide model includes support, then the support types you have defined in the Define Support dialog are assigned to the support elements you have drawn on the model, as follows:

  1. Select Assign Properties from the toolbar or the Properties menu.

  2. Select the Support button at the bottom of the Assign Properties dialog.

  3. In the Assign Properties dialog select the support type you would like to assign. Notice that the support name and colour are those which you defined in the Define Support option.

  4. Use the mouse to select the desired support elements (you can select multiple support elements with a selection window), and press Enter or right-click and select Done Selection when you are finished. All selected support elements will be assigned the support type you chose, as indicated by their colour.

  5. If your model has multiple support types, repeat steps 3 and 4 to assign the correct support types to all the support elements in the model.

NOTE: support elements are initially assigned the properties of the first support type (i.e. the properties of the first tab in the Define Support dialog) when you added the support to the model. If you are only using one support type in your model, then you do not necessarily need to assign support properties, just make sure you define your support properties with the first tab of the Define Support dialog.

Right Click Shortcut

If you right click the mouse directly ON a support element, the popup menu which appears will provide shortcuts to assigning support properties.